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Ex-Daniel Frank Sedwick, FL. #CS2477: $599 SOLD. From the wreck of the Atocha. Silver 4-reale cob struck under Philip III, Potosi, Bolivia. Grade 4. Moderately corroded but with nice shield and cross. Mel Fisher TSI number #85A-100355. 28 mm, 10.46 g. Good detail, silvery-gray surfaces Shipwreck Treasure coins from around the World. The heart of our online store is always this page of silver (and copper) coins from shipwrecks from around the world. No other site anywhere has the selection we do! For over 25 years now we have specialized in shipwreck coins and have sources in every continent An unamed shipwreck, perhaps a pirate or merchant ship, was discovered and contained several chests of 8 Reales treasure coins, minted in Mexico City during the late 1500's to the early 1600's. Similar coins have also been found on the Atocha shipwreck, which sank just a few years earlier. Coins from the Spice Islands shipwreck are among the. Congratulations to Captain Tim and the entire Magruder crew. The coin was found by 2nd generation treasure finder, Engineer Zach Moore on the Nuestra de Atocha Spanish galleon shipwreck. The last Atocha gold coin ever recovered from in 2001, this will only be the 121st Atocha gold coin ever found on the Atocha site to date

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The coin design in use during the Atocha time period, referred to as shield type, incorporated the Spanish coat of arms or shield on the obverse side and a cross representing the union of Church and State on the reverse. The elements of the design between the three major mints, Mexico City, Lima and Potosi, although similar, have features which. Atocha 2 Silver Reales Grade 2 Mel Fisher Coin Treasure Shipwreck coin COA. $1,999.99. $59.00 shipping. 11 watching Spanish Silver, New World, Mexico, F, 8 Reales COB, PHILIP III, #1180 ATOCHA 1622 $ 350.00 Images / 1 /

82-pound silver bar from famed shipwreck for sale. The Atocha is today the most famous ship in the 28-vessel when more than 100,000 silver shield-type cob silver coins were found, in. Atocha Treasure Coins specializes in the sales of authentic Atocha coins recovered by Mel Fisher from the Atocha shipwreck, a Spanish galleon lost off the Florida Keys during a hurricane in 1622. Over 160,000 shipwreck coins, mostly 8 reales issues or pieces of eight, were salvaged along with numerous other historical artifacts Atocha Grade One Eight Reale with Original Certifi.. $4,050.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. New. Atocha Eight Reale Grade One. Leah Miguel Original.. $3,695.00

This is a sterling silver replica of an Atocha Shipwreck 4 Reales cob. The pendant & cob are all one piece of sterling silver. It measures 1 5/8 long x 1 1/4 wide. It is stamped Atocha 1622 at the bottom. Total weight is 32.6 grams. Neat replica!! This is a vintage, previously owned pendant Nuestra Senora de Atocha and her sister ship the Santa Margarita sailed from Havana to their final resting place at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Key West. An exciting adventure story of the search and discovery of what is proving to be the most fabulous treasure wreck of all time. Learn more about the Atoc These Silver cobs were designed by Dan Carr and struck by the Moonlight Mint. Each coin contains trace amounts of Silver recovered from the 1622 Atocha shipwreck, lost to a hurricane while carrying treasure from the South American Spanish colonies. Product Highlights: Contains .918 oz of .999 fine Silver. Used cob-style planchets to recreate.

Some of the wreckage was discovered in 1971, by Mel Fisher after years of searching. It's main treasure-trove was finally located in 1986 producing large quantities of silver cobs, gold bars, jewelry, and choice emeralds. Atocha 1622, Original Treasure Salvor's Certificate of Authenticity provided. 800-233-4820 Check out our shipwreck silver cob selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops

2x ATOCHA Shipwreck .999 Silver Commemorative COB -Daniel Carr. View Item in Catalog Lot #4d . Time Remaining: updating... left to bid! High Bid: USD 1.75. 2x ATOCHA Shipwreck .999 Silver Commemorative COB -Daniel Carr. Lot number: 4d. Seller: Simpson Storage Auctions. Event: COINS! -MORGANS & TYPE Etc- KEYs / SemiKEYs & Mor The lone Royal silver 8-real cob from the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet (right) realized $46,500 and a gold bar (left) recovered from the Atocha shipwreck realized $66,000 during Daniel Frank.

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  1. The Atocha was rediscovered on July 20, 1985, by Treasure Salvors Inc; a company formed by the legendary treasure hunter Mel Fisher and his salvage teams. The wreck since its discovery has yielded thousands of ounces of Spanish Silver and Gold cobs as well as Silver bars and emeralds
  2. Atocha Shipwreck coin measures 36mm in diameter and weighs 17.84 grams. This coin was found in a storage unit along with other ancient and vintage coins. No COA was with it, it was found in a clamshell case with a receipt where the previous owner purchased it in 1993, this is all of the provenance that I have for it and it will be included in the sale
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  4. Atocha coin silver, silver atocha coin, silver shipwreck coin, silver treasure coin, Spanish treasure ship, challenge coin, groomsmen gift, unique mens gift. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Sterling Silver Pirate Cob Doubloon Replica with Skeleton Bone Wrapped Bezel (Unique Shipwreck Coin Pendant) 5.0 out of 5 stars 7. $60.00 $ 60. 00
  5. atocha 1622 shipwreck bolivia (potosi) 8 reales reign philip iii weight 19.5 grams grade 3! our lady of atocha, sank in 1622 off the florida keys, havana bound for spain. her galleon filled with all treasure: gold, silver, copper, tobacco, gems, and jewelry. she never made it out of veracruz to havana - to join th
  6. PERU 1556-98 4 REALES PCGS 35 SHIPWRECK TREASURE COB SILVER COIN PIRATE. Regular price $1,495.00 Sale price $1,495.00 Sale Bolivia 4 Reales Silver Atocha 1622 Dated! Shipwreck Fisher Pirate Gold Coins. Regular price $2,250.00 Sale price $2,250.00.

David refined the silver for the cobs from recovered low-grade shipwreck cobs that were of no numismatic value along with some silver from Mel Fisher, and added it to the silver used for making the blanks for these coins. Each cob contains some silver from the wreck Atocha Shipwreck Coins The Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, struck a reef and sank on September 6, 1622, during a raging hurricane near the Florida Keys. Mel Fisher and his company Treasure Salvors, Inc., discovered the main wreck site on July 20, 1985 and ultimately recovered over 160,000 silver Spanish colonial coins Shipwreck Spanish Reale Necklaces. All Shipwreck Spanish Reale Necklaces 14K 1715 Fleet 18K Gold 4 Reale 50 cents Atocha BP Cadiz Cob Cob Coin Coins of Christ Combo Bezel Concepcion Consolacion dime El Cazador Gold Bezel Gold Coin half dollar Half Reale Joanna nickel Piece of Eight quarter Rooswijk Silver Bezel Silver Coin silver dollar Spanish. Shipwreck Jewelry. Image Preview (Click image to enlarge) Description. Item # Price. Mexico City, Mexico, cob 8 reales, Philip IV, assayer P, from the Maravillas (1656), mounted in silver bezel.: m10201807100

I have a silver coin from the Atocha shipwreck that my mother bought in November of 1996. It is a Genuine TreasureCoin, mounted in a bezel with an Atocha Emerald. I have the an Appraisal Certificate and a Certificate of Authenticity with this information: Mom wants to sell it. First off, I need to get an idea what it might be worth now Most shipwreck coins were salvaged from Spanish treasure galleons lost at sea while transporting the New World mineral wealth of silver and gold to the Spanish throne; the most famous being Atocha coins from the Spanish treasure galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, lost off the coast of Florida in 1622 during a raging hurricane Spanish Silver Cob Coin Pendant - Shipwreck Nuestra Senora de Atocha - 2 Reales. SKU: M-94A-12-032-1. $6,500.00 : Qty. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Spanish Silver Cob Coin Pendant-Shipwreck Nuestra Senora de Atocha-2 Reales. SKU: N-85A-220699M. $4,900.00 : Qty. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Gela Shipwreck Coin Pendant 1852 GC MEXICO 8 REALES - AU - Awesome Silver Crown Coin - HUGE VALUE - Lot #L25 Silver 1618-21 Mexico 8 Reales Cob T Assayer 1985 Atocha Shipwreck Coin Silver 1618-21 Mexico 8 Reales Cob T Assayer 1985 Atocha Shipwreck Coin 1647, Mexico, Philip IV. Spanish Silver Piece of 8 Reales Cob Coin. Full Date rare 1622 atocha silver 8 reale cob daniel carr moonlight mint lion & columns restrike using silver from 1622 atocha shipwreck Lot #09 Item: 5673-1639196 Kearney, N

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rare 1622 silver atocha cob 8 reale daniel carr restrike moonlight mint lion & columns silver from atocha shipwreck Lot #05 Item: 6df2-2152260 Kearney, N Each 1622 Atocha Shipwreck Recovery Silver Pillar Cob with antique finish, is struck on a hand poured .999 Fine Silver Cob weighing approximately 28 grams. The obverse depicts a ship and the inscriptions 1622 ATOCHA, and PLVS VLTRA.. The reverse features pillars with a crowned lion, and inscriptions Ag .999, MM, PLVS. Atocha Silver Shipwreck Replica Coins. Every artifact replica coin is cast with 100% Atocha Silver from a silver bar salvaged from the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, shipwrecked in 1622 off the coast of Key West, Florida. Searching for 16 years straight, Mel Fisher and his team finally found it in 1985. This collection of Spanish. The term Atocha Coins refers to silver and gold Spanish coins recovered from the shipwreck of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha. On September 6, 1622, the heavily laden treasure galleon of King Philip IV's Tierra Firme Fleet struck a reef and sank in a raging storm near the Florida Keys

Seville, Spain, cob 2 escudos, Philip III, assayer not visible, PCGS AU58 / Atocha Shipwreck. KM-20. 6.72 grams. Bright with luster but a bit grainy as struck from rusty dies, with full and well-centered shield and cross, minimal legend, one of very few numismatically certified examples with this highly desirable provenance View sold price and similar items: Atocha Shipwreck Mexico 4 Reales Cob Set in Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pendant. Includes COA!! from Big Dog Auctions on February 6, 0121 7:00 PM EST Atocha Shipwreck 1616-1617 Bolivia 8 Reales Pcgs Vf Detail Silver Cob Coin Tv Lost Loot - $2495.00 Lost Loot 1622 Atocha Shipwreck Bolivia 8 Reales Grade 2 Pirate Gold Coin 159 1679 Consolacion Shipwreck Skull & Cross Bones Pirate 4 Reale Cob 14K Gold & Silver Pendant | Artifact #5912 $ 970.00 USD Rare, stunning El Cazador Shipwreck 1764 Pillar Dollar 1/2 Reale 14K Gold Treasure Coin Necklace | Artifact #5855 $ 1,050.00 US Atocha 1622 Key West Pirate Treasure Atocha Coin Key West Shipwreck Cobs Silver Description: Atocha shipwreck jewelry found by mel fisher in 1985 off the coast of key west florida. Keywords: atocha,atocha coin,atocha jewelry,atocha ship, mel fisher,cob,escudo,gold doubloon,treasure coin, key west coin, jim sinclair,bill pearson, kenny miller.

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An Antique Spanish New World Shipwreck Recovered Silver 2 Reales Cob Coin set in a 14K Gold Bezel. $ 1,250.00 ATOCHA Shipwreck 8 Reales COB, POTOSI, Assayer T, Set In 14K. GOLD, GRADE 1 CHOICE, #2033 Treasure Jewelry. $ 2,750.0 Expect to pay $300 to $500 for decent Atocha 2 Reales. In contrast the run-of-the-mill 8 and 4's can be had for as little as $80 for a one-sided Grade IV with a certificate or if you have money to burn Mel will sell you the same piece for $650. but that's Mel ringing up the cash register. Fancier pieces with dates and more weight left. A massive 83 troy-pound, 7.52 troy-ounce silver bar recovered from the shipwreck of the Atocha and estimated at $35,000 USD and up is just one of many treasures to appear in Daniel Frank Sedwick.

1622 Atocha 8 Reales 28 Gram Antiqued Poured Shipwreck Silver Cob Daniel Carr,Silver Cob Daniel Carr 1622 Atocha 8 Reales 28 Gram Antiqued Poured Shipwreck, this replica 1622 coin contains trace amounts of Atocha and 1715 recovery silver, These cobs are unique and one of a kind collectable pieces and no two pieces are alike, The obverse shows a. A similarly rare and desirable Seville, Spain gold cob 2 escudos graded PCGS AU 58 from the Atocha sold for $39,000 on a $10,000 to $15,000 estimate. Other top lots in the sale include: - A Mexico City, Mexico, silver cob 8 reales Royal dated 1607F graded NGC XF details / holed, ex-Rudman, sold for $54,000 Spanish 2-Reales Silver Cob Coin from Atocha Shipwreck, ca. 1600. Coin is mounted in a dolphin-themed bezel with an Atocha 1622. Metal Content: silver. Weight (with bezel): 9.7 grams. Coin is cir.. Great Gift Idea BEAUTIFUL ATOCH Great Gift Idea BEAUTIFUL ATOCHA SILVER TWO REALE COIN REALE PENDANT WITH SOLID 14K GOLD BEZEL On September 4, 1622, the Spanish Treasure Ship Nuestra Senora de Atocha, was driven by severe hurricane onto the coral reefs near the Marquesas, about twenty miles west of the Florida Keys

May 31, 2014 - Explore carol santoyo's board Atocha treasure on Pinterest. See more ideas about atocha, treasures, spanish treasure With,BEAUTIFUL ATOCHA SILVER TWO REALE COIN 2 REALE PENDANT WITH SOLID 14K GOLD BEZEL CHAIN NOT INCLUDED On September 4, 1622, the Spanish Treasure Ship Nuestra Senora de Atocha, was driven by a severe hurricane onto the coral reefs near the Marquesas, about twenty miles west of the Florida Keys,Shop Authentic,Online Shopping Mall,Exquisite goods online purchase,Lowest online prices on the. The Mesuno wreck of 1636 and the Maravillas shipwreck of 1656 added greatly to our knowledge of Philip IV era Colombian gold. The 1715 Fleet Florida wrecks did the same for late Carlos II and early Philip V issues, and of course the 1622 wreck of the Atocha has been a key player in sorting out the first gold & silver issues of 1621-22

It's No wonder why this Silver Cob was awarded the Highest Fisher Grade 1! ATOCHA 1622 SHIPWRECK FISHER GRADE 1 BOLIVIA 8 REALES PIRATE GOLD COINS SILVER | eBay EXCELLENT CROSS, Lions and Castles CF980 Sterling Silver & 14kt Gold Pendant with Treasure coin circa 1556-1598. Sterling silver pendant features solid 14kt yellow gold tabs. Custom-made to follow the shape of the coin. Coin pictured is 4 reales cob coin, minted in Lima, Peru during the reign of king Philip II, circa 1556-1598. This style can be custom-made to fit any coin Designed by Daniel Carr, this replica 1622 coin contains trace amounts of Atocha and 1715 recovery silver. These cobs are unique and one of a kind collectable pieces and no two pieces are alike. The obverse shows a rampant lion over a flag with the 8 Reales denomination below

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  1. 14 1 Available. $45 shipped for 1 - $43 for each additional. These have been tough to come by as Daniel Carr doesn't make a ton of them anymore! They are listed as sold out on his website. Struck on hand-poured 999 silver cobs which contain trace amounts of Atocha and 1715 Fleet recovery silver. Approximately 28 grams each
  2. Description: This auction catalog contains 360 lots of gold and silver cobs, gold chains, emerald rings, a bronze cannon, 4 astrolabes, a wide variety of artifacts, and both gold and silver bars from the Atocha shipwreck, which sank in 1622 off the coast of Key West. This was the largest single auction of Atocha material
  3. Dive right in and explore our vast selection of handcrafted Authentic Treasure Coin Jewelry. Every item we offer is one of a kind and guaranteed genuine. From Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and Medieval Times, to a great collection of historic Shipwreck Coins recovered from the depths of the sea. Recently Sold Items coin categories
  4. PENINSULAR MINT. 1 REAL COB. SPANISH COLONIAL. All our objects are genuine and authentic
  5. Details about Maravillas Shipwreck 8 Reales Silver COB Mexico Mint #3649 See original listing. Maravillas Shipwreck 8 Reales Silver COB Mexico Mint #3649: Condition:--not specified. Ended: 13 May ATOCHA 1622 SILVER BAR 13lbs TREASURE SALVORS COA PIRATE GOLD SHIPWRECK COINS. £17,263.86 + P&P + P&P + P&P

Authentic Piece of Eight Treasure Coin 8 Reales Treasure Coin from the Santiago Shipwreck of 1585 Mounted in a handsome high quality solid sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold hand-made pendant. COIN: From the reign of Philip II. 1556-1598. Minted i 1622 Atocha Shipwreck Recovered Silver 8 Reales Cob, Potosi - Numismatic Price and Value Guide 1622 Atocha Shipwreck Recovered Silver 8 Reales Cob, Potosi. Click to enlarge Category: Coins: World > North & Central America > Mexico > Colonial (up to 1821) Uploaded by sofia-lune on Feb 27, 201 Atocha Shipwreck 1616-1617 Bolivia 8 Reales Pcgs Vf Detail Silver Cob Coin Tv $2,495.00 Necklace Bolivia 8 Reales Pirate Gold Coins Atocha Fleet Era Treasure Jewelr 1715 Atocha Shipwreck 1700-1715 Spanish Silver Cob Coin Mel Fisher! Atocha 1622 Plate Fleet Shipwreck 8 Reale Silver Cob Grade 3 Mel Fisher. 1622 (1985) ATOCHA SHIPWRECK PHILIP III 4 REALES SILVER COIN - Mel Fishe. 1622 Atocha Shipwreck Recovered Potosi, Bolivia Assayer M Silver Cob 8 R

1613-17 Atocha Era Bolivia 8 Reales Q Silver 8r Cob Colonial Coin. 1622 Atocha - $899.99. 1622 Atocha Shipwreck Spanish 4 Reales Silver Coin Potosi Pncs Grade 4 Beauty. Silver Ingot - $869.08. Silver Ingot Made Into Pendant Recovered From Nuestra Senora De Atocha W/ Co From GUNS to GOLD and SILVER to SWORDS. This website is designed to capture the rarest and most beautiful Gold Escudos, Doubloons, Cobs, Reales and minted coinage from around the world. World Silver > BOLIVIA 8 REALES ATOCHA 1622 SHIPWRECK PIRATE GOLD COINS TREASURE COB DOUBLOON. 1622 Atocha 8 Reales 23-28 Gram Antiq. Poured Shipwreck Silver Cob - Daniel Carr 1622 Atocha - $62.00 1622 Atocha Silver Cob, 8 Reales - Pillar Dollar, Daniel Carr Moonlight Mint 2 It looks like a Mexico Half Real Cob coin with Phililip IV monogram. 1622 through to 1662 is correct for that design/strike. Whether it is a Atocha shipwreck coin is debatable. The fact that it has been stamped at a later date will have lost any numismatic value. It will have to be tested for silver content

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Atocha Coins. The cargo of the Atocha did not see light again until 1971 when the first coins were found by the now famous salvager Mel Fisher and his divers, who recovered the bulk of the treasure in 1985 and thereby unleashed the largest supply of silver cobs and ingots the market has ever seen. Well over 100,000 shield-type cobs were found. After a few days of training, you can find and take home up to $3,000 worth of treasure! The most famous exhibits at the Mel Fisher Museum are the Henrietta Marie, and the 1622 Fleet, featuring the treasured Atocha. Providing a unique glimpse into the world of slave trading, the English Henrietta Marie sank in 1700, 35 miles from Key West Mel Fisher Maritime Museum home of the sunken Spanish galleons Nuestra Senora de Atocha and Santa Margarita and the slave ship Henrietta Marie One Shipwreck 8 Reales Cob Silver Coin.. on May 07, 2021. One Shipwreck 8 Reales Cob Silver Coin.. on May 07, 2021. Feedback. Directory Price Results News Help Consign How Auctions Work. Atocha Shipwreck Spanish SIlver 8-Reale Coin, 1622. See Sold Price. Sold. SPANISH SILVER 8 REALES SHIPWRECK COIN GOLD BEZEL. See Sold Price. Sold

BEAUTIFUL ATOCHA SILVER TWO REAL BEAUTIFUL ATOCHA SILVER TWO REALE RESEARCH COLLECTION COIN 2 REALE PENDANT WITH STERLING SILVER BEZEL On September 4, 1622, the Spanish Treasure Ship Nuestra Senora de Atocha, was once driven by a severe hurricane onto the coral reefs near the Marquesas, about twenty miles west of the Florida Keys SHIPWRECK DOUBLOON COIN COB This gorgeous GOLD BAR (1 BAR for listed price) was hand forged (of PURE SILVER) and plated in 22kt GOLD! It has been designed after our authentic 1622 Atocha Bar (also featured in our eBay store); from the Nuestra Señora De Atocha of 1622, recovered July 20th 1985 by Treasure Salvors Inc Mel Fisher Family. The earliest recovered galleon is the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, which left Cuba for Spain in September of 1622 as vice flag ship of a fleet of 28 ships. The vessel was discovered about 70 miles off Florida near the Marquesas Keys in 1985 by Mel Fischer with its treasure of gold and silver bars and coins intact A shipwreck was discovered by ROBCAR in 1997 and shortly after, marine archeologist Robert Marx discovered documents and a ship's manifest in the archives of Spain that identified the wreck as Consolacion. View Coin: Joanna, wrecked 1682. MEXICO - TO 1823 0.9310 Silver 8R 1681MO L , KM 46, Menzel MX-224 NGC INELIGIBLE TYP

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Mel Fisher 1969 Coa 1715 Fleet Shipwreck 8 Reales Cob Silver Spanish 8 Real Coin. raresilver Cob - $1250.00. raresilver Cob 4 Reales Philip Ii Segovia Mint Year 1591 Assayer I 1615-19 Atocha Era Bolivia 8 Reales Silver 8r Cob Colonial Coin. raresilver Cob - $795.00. raresilver Cob 4 Reales Philip Iv Year 1627. 2 photo. 1620 ' S Silver Atocha Shipwreck Coin Mel Fisher Recovered 8 Reales Grade 1. 6 photo. 1878 Dem Spanish Alfonso Xii 5 Pesetas Snm Spain / EspaÑa. 2 photo. 1607 Lion Castle Copper 2 Mara. Coin Cob - Maravedi Felipe Philip Iii Spain A. 2 photo. 1783 Mo Ff Mexico 2 Reales El Cazador Shipwreck Coin, Ngc Certified Very Good Vendeur: pirategoldcoins ️ (1.298) 100%, Lieu où se trouve: La Jolla, California, Lieu de livraison: Worldwide, Numéro de l'objet: 303408913245 ATOCHA 1622 SILVER BAR 13lbs TREASURE SALVORS COA PIRATE GOLD SHIPWRECK COINS. Atocha 1622 Shipwreck Silver Ingot Bar 13lbs Pirate Gold Coins Shipwreck Treasure WOW! This Silver BAR is Over 13lbs (13lbs, 7.84oz) and measures out at 13 long (34.5/6. This pendant is from a sterling silver ingot bar recovered from the Nuestra Senora d Atocha ship that sunk in 1622 and was recovered in 1985 by Mel Fisher. This miniature Atocha silver ingot pendant comes with a COA from Treasure Salvors Inc. stating that this was part of silver rom ingot No. 393. The pendant has some scratches and tarnish

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Your item might not even be silver. It very well could be cast pot metal with silver plate. If the sale is pending, then I would run from this deal. If you want to buy a replica but want actual Atocha silver, than buy from Atocha1622.com. They don't hide what they do. They actually melt down Atocha bars and cast them in a replica coin design 1622 Atocha 8 Reales 23-28 Gram Antiq. Poured Shipwreck Silver Cob - Daniel Carr - $89.95 1622 Atocha 8 Reales 23-28 Gram Antiq. Poured Shipwreck Silver Cob - Daniel Carr 2020 Daniel Carr Corona Outbreak/stimulus Hard Times Token 1 Oz 999 Silver W/coa - $73.9 › Shipwreck Ingots (18) › Shipwreck Silver Coins 1500-1650s (149) › Shipwreck Silver Coins 1660s-1740s (117) › Shipwreck Silver Coins 1750s-1900s (36) › Silver Cobs (145) › Ancient Coins (27) › World Silver Coins (229) › Medals and Tokens (19) › Documents (3) › Artifacts (62) › Internet Live Only Lots (601 Recently sold: this spectacular Lima 1712 Fleet set (8, 4, 2, & 1 escudos). The key to Fleet-era (1696-1714) gold sets, as many of you know, is the always rare four escudos or media onza. Here is another wonderful Lima set just sold, a complete set of 1710 escudos from the 1715 Fleet. terravitan@aol.com or 480-595-1293

Bolivia 8 Reales 1618-21 "Atocha 1622 Shipwreck" Grade 1Authentic Atocha Silver Coin, Grade 1, 8 Reales, MountedExact Replica 22kt Plated Atocha Shipwreck Gold Bar (WeAuthentic ATOCHA 8 REALES GRADE II Treasure Cob Coin inAncient Resource: Pirate & Shipwreck Treasure Coins for Sale