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Palisades Zoysia is an ideal choice for residential and commercial sites throughout South Carolina. Palisades Zoysia has a medium texture leaf which stands upright similar to tall fescue. This upright growth allows for mowing heights from 3″ down to 1/2″ for applications such as golf tee boxes. Due to the aggressive rhizomes of this variety. Palisades Zoysia is a great choice for families with kids and dogs. This zoysia japonica grass is a vegetatively produced, medium broad textured, high density turf suitable for home lawns, golf fairways and roughs, sports fields, industrial parks, and highway medians Palisades Zoysia. This product is not currently available for online purchase in your area. Palisades Zoysia, the most popular medium blade Zoysia in Texas, is a dark green, lush textured lawn grass. In addition to being lower maintenance, Palisades is known for being more drought and shade tolerant than many other turf varieties Palisades Zoysia. •Medium, broad-textured, high-density. •Shade and heat tolerant. •Low water use requirements. •Different from other Zoysia grasses in that it has aggressive regrowth and superior shade tolerance. •Perfect choice for home lawn landscapes, golf courses, and commercial applications. •Must have at least 4 hours of. Zoysia grass is a form of sod that combines broad texture with high density to form a durable, easily maintained layer of grass. Certified Palisades Zoysia is a premium form of the variety that is characterized by minimal need for water, mowing needed about twice a week and additional fertilization applied semiregularly

Palisades Zoysia. Palisades Zoysia is a medium broad textured, high-density turf suitable for residential lawns, fairways, and sports fields. It is a low maintenance turfgrass known for its shade and drought tolerance. Palisades Zoysia's rapid recuperative ability makes it a grass that can withstand a high volume of foot traffic Zoysia Grass Seed - Zoysia grass is considered one of the most beautiful lawn and turf grass seed varieties available. Zoysia grass is a warm season grass grown throughout the central and southern climates across the world. Zoysia grass seed varieties are part of the Japonica grass family which are known for less plant density, interseeding ability and cold tolerance

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch, 5 lb. - Full Sun and Light Shade - Thrives in Heat & Drought - Grows a Tough, Durable, Low-Maintenance Lawn - Seeds up to 2,000 sq. ft. 3.8 out of 5 stars. 2,053. $42.27 855-806-4763. Palisades Zoysia is known to be a friendly grass due to its establishment rate. This means that it will root down and your lawn will grow and prosper quicker. Palisades is a medium to coarse textured zoysiagrass known for its drought tolerance. It is a highly dense turf that is used oftentimes for home lawns Palisades was released from Texas A&M and is fast becoming the choice for homeowners and architects who want non-traditional lawn choices. Zoysia Zorro Zoysia $ 199.00 - $ 290.00. Zorro is a fine bladed, dark green color, #1 ranked Zoysia grass in the world with multiple used in golf, commercial, and home sites. Zoysia Emerald Zoysia $ 199.00. Scotts. Turf Builder Zoysia and Mulch 5-lb Zoysia Grass Seed. Model #18362. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 94. Pennington. Zenith 5-lb Zoysia Grass Seed. Model #00021496277554 PALISADES ZOYSIAGRASS is a vegetatively produced medium broad textured high-density turf noted specifically for Turfgrass suitable for home lawns, golf fairways and roughs, sports fields, industrial parks, and highway medians. Palisades is noted for its shade tolerance and low water use requirements. Palisades can be established as sprigs, plugs or as solid sod

Zoysia grass has the potential to be the best-looking grass in the neighborhood. Today, there are as many as a dozen varieties easily available to the consumer. Carolina Fresh farms currently grows four varieties. Palisades is one of the newest varieties cultivated on our farm. Each one of these varieties has different appearances and characteristics. Zoysia Read More Established Palisades Zoysia is considered to be a drought tolerant grass. MOWING. An established Palisades Zoysia lawn should be mowed every week during the growing season with optimum mowing height of 1.5 to 2 inches with a rotary mower or 1/2 to 1.5 inches with a reel mower Our Grass Varieties. Poinsett Turfgrass Company grows high-quality certified Palisades Zoysia and Tifway 419 Bermuda turfgrass. Learn More

Palisades Zoysia. Palisades Zoysia, the most popular Zoysia-grass throughout Texas, is a dark green, medium-coarse textured lawn grass. In addition to being lower maintenance, Palisades is known for being more drought and shade tolerant than many other turf varieties Zoysia sod grass is a popular type of grass in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. Our grass company can assist you with every step of the process and we offer great low prices on every type of sod, including zoysia. Contact us for pricing, the cost of zoysia, current sales and much more in cities like Flower Mound, Carrollton, Plano, The Colony. Since that time our Family Farm, located on the fertile soils of West Tennessee, has evolved into over 500 acres of quality turf grass. We grow Tifway 419 Bermuda, TifTuf Bermuda, Meyer Z-52 Zoysia, Palisades Zoysia, and Tall Fescue. With the exception of Fescue, our grasses are hybrids that produce sterile seed

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Palisades Zoysia. Palisades was developed at Texas A&M's Agricultural Experiment Station from a zoysia with Beltsville, MD origins. It is a medium-textured grass that is noted for its shade tolerance and low water use requirements. It is used on residential, commercial, and golf sites. When compared to St. Augustine, Palisades has a. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch (330) Model# 18362. Zoysia Grass Plugs (64-Count) Natural, Affordable Lawn Improvement (29) Model# SPZO64. Pennington 5 lb. Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch (165) Model# 100532366. Zoysia Grass Plugs (32-Count) Natural, Affordable Lawn Improvemen Combination Grass Seed & Mulch. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Zoysia Grass Seed & Mulch combines mulch and seed to grow a tough, durable, low maintenance lawn. This extremely versatile grass seed mix is 99.9% free of weeds. For best results, water twice daily for at least 3 weeks Zeon Zoysia is the grass of the 2016 Olympics in Rio! Golf has returned as an Olympic sport to the 2016 Games, the grass the golfers are playing on is Zeon Zoysia. The grass was selected for use on the tees, roughs and fairways of the course being built specifically for the Olympics. Zeon's beauty and playability contributed to the choice Our Gulf Kist Sod store, located in Pensacola, FL, has premium, locally grown, sod for sale such as: Classic St. Augustine, Palisades Zoysia, Centipede, and Bermuda grasses. Gulf Kist Sod of Pensacola proudly supplies sod to the Pensacola and surrounding areas. These varieties of sod are grown by our affiliated company, Woerner Turf.

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Emerald Zoysia is a dark green, fine leafed, dense growing grass. Emerald is known as the 'Cadillac' of turf. The root system is very drought tolerant and the stolons grow under ground which also makes it more cold tolerant. Once established Emerald is highly weed resistant and wear resistant. Emerald was developed in the 1950s, making it. Some of the most reviewed products in Sod are the 500 sq. ft. Zoysia Sod (1-Pallet) with 89 reviews and the Zoysia Grass Plugs (32-Count) Natural, Affordable Lawn Improvement with 34 reviews. How doers get more done

Dark green in color, Palisades Zoysia is a vegetative-produced, medium- to coarse-textured, high-density turf noted for its shade tolerance and low water use requirements. Developed by Texas A&M University to withstand drought, Palisades has proven itself to be an excellent choice for low-maintenance landscapes Buy Zoysia Grass Seed For Sale Online at Bestseedsonline.com. Shop Now. Check out all Bestselling Seeds & Garden Tools for Affordable Prices Palisades Zoysia grass sod is great for home, commercial properties, and athletic fields. Zoysia is often used in shady locations. Palisades Zoysia has a beautiful color, soft texture, and dense growth which can withstand medium to high amounts of foot traffic, and maintain its beautiful color simultaneously Zoysia grass can be established from Zoysia Grass Seed or Zoysia Grass Plugs, both available at Seedland.com. We have developed this site to help you chooses the best Zoysia grass type for your grass project, lawn, sports fields, golf courses and more. ZOYSIA SEEDS - LAWN. PLANTING RATE 1 to 2 LBS

personal experience: Palisades Zoysia grows well in partial shade. It needs at least 5 hours of light though. michigan1 - posted 01 April 2008 07:53. I live in Southlake Texas, does anyone know where I can purchase Palisades Zoysia seed or plugs. green in atlanta - posted 01 April 2008 10:3 Zoysia turns brown after the first hard frost but are among the first warm season grasses to green up in the spring. Please note that like all turfgrass, Zoysia grass is a living plant, not a miracle grass. When properly maintained, however, Zoysia grass will deliver years of an aesthetically pleasing and functional lawn Palisades Zoysia grass should receive seven to eight hours of sunlight each day. The shade tolerant Zoysia varieties are Cavalier and Emerald which require about four or five hours of direct sunlight each day. Call our office at 281-431-7441 to describe your project, and we can advise you about the best grass variety to meet your needs

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Zoysia grass is a medium textured, dark green Turfgrass best suited for residential lawns and commercial sites when a non-traditional lawn is desired. Developed by Texas A&M, Palisades Zoysia grass scores high in shade, cold, and drought tolerance making it the perfect lawn for all areas of Texas This aspect of the grass, along with its hardiness in dry conditions, makes it an ideal turf for golf course fairways and roughs - and, of course, for residential lawns. Palisades Zoysia, like many other Zoysias, is a highly dense turf and is also appropriate for highway medians and rights of way as well as industrial and commercial parks St. Augustine Grass Types St. Augustine Sod Grass has long been the standard for Turfgrass in Texas.; Bermuda Grass Types Bermuda Sod Grass is a full sun light, high traffic grass that is extremely drought tolerant in our scorching Texas summers.; Zoysia Grass Types Zoysia Sod Grass is quickly becoming a preferred choice because of its ease of maintenance and stunning appearance Zenith Zoysia: 500 sf per pallet: Zeon Zoysia: 500 sf per pallet: Grass Seed; Elite Tall Fescue Seed: Overseeding - 5 lbs/1,000 sqft. New Lawn - 8 lbs/1,000 sqft. Zenith® Zoysia Grass Seed (2lb.) Each 2 lb. bag will cover up to 2,000 square feet. Zenith® Zoysia Grass Seed (6lb.) Each 6 lb. bag will cover up to 6,000 square feet. Fertilize 290 Grass LLC is a family owned and operated company in Cypress, TX. We lead the local industry in customer approval and strive to provide world class service. Whether we're working with an individual client or a company, we guarantee you'll receive only the best quality products and service. Let us know what we can do for you today

Zenith Zoysia sod is a great fit for both homes and commercial spaces. It's often used as a replacement for Tall Fescue due to it's wide leaf blades. Zenith Zoysia resembles Tall Fescue more than any other zoysia and is more heat and drought tolerant than any Tall Fescue type. Home lawns & commercial landscapes. Sports fields Palisades Zoysia (requires 4 ½ hours filtered sunlight daily). Palisades is a vegetative produced, medium broad textured, high density turf. It is considered suitable for home lawns, golf fairways and roughs, sports fields, industrial parks and highway mediums Dark green color. Shade and heat tolerant. Low water use requirements. Medium broad-textured high-density. Different from other Bermuda grasses in that it has aggressive regrowth and superior shade tolerance. Perfect choice for landscapes, golf courses and commercial applications. 450 square feet per pallet or 360 square feet per roll Zenith Zoysia is considered one of the most beautiful lawn grass species available from seed. Zenith Zoysia is a warm season lawn grass grown throughout the central and southern climates around the world. Product Detail. Stays greener later into the fall compared to other zoysia grasses

A: 'Meyer' zoysia is a selected form of regular zoysia. It is very difficult to. collect seed from it, so you won't find 'Meyer' zoysia seed for sale. Moving. forward, 'Zenith' zoysia is an improved form of 'Meyer' zoysia. Seeds are not. quite so hard to collect, so you can find 'Zenith' zoysia seed for sale at most. The medium-bladed, easy-care variety is our Palisades Zoysia grass and the fine-bladed, more shade-tolerant varieties are our Emerald Zoysia grass and Cavalier Zoysia grass. If you have questions about the best variety of grass for your project, please call us at 281-431-7441 GroundWork Pensacola Bahia Grass Seed, 25 lb., 266AX0002UC-25. SKU: 686148899. Product Rating is 3.8. 3.8 (52) See price at checkout. Was Save. Free In Store Pickup. Standard Delivery Eligible. Same Day Delivery Eligible BRF Zeon Zoysia is the #1 Selling Zoysia in America. And for good reason! This fine textured grass has been called the most beautiful zoysia on the market today.. Turfgrass professionals and consumers alike often note BRF Zeon's Wow Factor. University tests agree, BRF Zeon Zoysia is truly something special

Houston Grass. Quality Sod and Superior Service at a Competitive Price. We are open. Call 281-431-7441 — Click to Download Our Houston Grass Tip Sheet. Click for Our Hours and Directions to Our Office. Home. Directions & Hours. Varieties. Why Pick Raleigh St. Augustine Grass JaMur Zoysia is a medium textured grass, similar in look to El Toro grass, but it's a lot easier to manage. JaMur needs less water and less fertilizer than other standard lawn grasses. Once established, this dense turf tends to choke out weeds. In addition, JaMur is considered a much-improved replacement for other Zoysia cultivars, including.

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  1. Welcome to Dallas Sod Grass. We service Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding suburbs like Plano, Frisco and Allen TX with: St. Augustine grass - Bermuda grass - Zoysia grass; Same day delivery, affordable pricing, quotes and sod grass installation; Other grass types for install and sale - Call now for a free listing and quot
  2. Here are two sod varieties that are available: Palisades - Resembles a dwarf version of St. Augustine and is touted as being the most shade tolerant of the Zoysias. Emerald - A very fine-bladed variety that resemble a lush Tif 419 Bermuda lawn. St. Augustine. Bermuda
  3. gham is your complete one-stop landscape supply headquarters. We supply outdoor landscape supplies ranging from decorative stone to large boulders, brick pavers to retaining walls, flowers to trees, mulches both bulk and bagged, turf grass and soils
  4. Pennington Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed & Mulch Zoysia grass is known for its ability to stand up to heat, drought, heavy foot traffic and a variety of other challenges. Bred for warm-season lawns, Pennington Zenith Zoysia keeps your lawn green longer in cool fall weather and greens up earlier each spring compared to ordinary Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia $255. Pallisades Zoysia $235. Centipede $150. Bermuda $125. Read More. 48 sod to sprigs. planter. Big Roll Installer. For Rent Meyer Zoysia. Meyer zoysia is an improved strain of zoysia japonica. It is a single plant selection taken from 50-odd selections of common zoysia japonica grown from seed by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1940. Meyer zoysia's leaf width is between common zoysia japonica and zoysia matrella Palisades Zoysia Grass. Call 972-829-5085 or email about other grass varieties! Pick-up and delivery. Buy zoysia, St. Augustine and Bermuda grass by the pallet directly from the supplier. Serving all of Dallas Fort Worth including Lewisville, Carrollton, Highland Village, Frisco, Addison, The Colony, Coppell, Celina, Denton, Keller, Southlake. Palisades Zoysia Compared to Emerald Zoysia. The Palisades Zoysia grass is a little lower maintenance, but it does not have the shade tolerance that the fine-bladed Zoysias do. Shade tolerance, I guess, is probably the key difference between Palisades and Emerald Zoysia. Emerald only needs about four or five hours of direct sunlight per day to. Any Flower Color Brown Coral Gold Pink Red Tan White. Any Flower Color. Any Foliage Color Blue Cream Dark Green Gold Green Green, White Light Green Plum Silver. Any Foliage Color. Any Plant Height 120 12 18 18-36 20 24 42 48 48-60 60. Any Plant Height. Clear Filters. Showing 1-12 of 15 results

Find 2 listings related to Palisade Zoysia in Memphis on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Palisade Zoysia locations in Memphis, TN Zoysia grass is a luxurious fine blade grass, with deep green color, and carpet like growth and texture. It is a very special grass which is fairly shade tolerant, adaptable to our climate and weather conditions. It is one of the best turf grasses for this region, and is used by home owners, landscapers, contractors, and designers

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  1. Palisades™ Zoysia. Delivery Charge for first pallet (Within 13 miles) - $75.00. Unloading fee after first pallet - $5.00. Pallet deposit per pallet - refundable - $5.00. SOD PRICES - PER ROLL. Fescue, Bermuda and Centipede $5.50 - Per Roll. Roll Size: 9 + square feet. Zoysia (Palisade & Cavalier) - $7.50 Per Roll. Roll Size: 9.
  2. Suncoast Sod Farms Inc. is a Sod Farm offering sod delivery and installation in NW Florida & Southern AL. We specialize in Centipede sod, St. Augustine, Zoysia, Hybrid Bermuda and Bahia.We also offer commercial hydro and seed mulch services. Call us today
  3. From Business: Bermuda & Zoysia Sod. 23. TruGreen Lawn Care. Sod & Sodding Service Lawn Maintenance Landscaping & Lawn Services. More Info (800) 838-8412. Serving the Memphis Area. From Business: First application is 50% off! Official Lawn Care Treatment Provider of the PGA TOUR, and America's #1 lawn care company based on U.S. market share o
  4. Zoysia is a particularly hardy grass that grows well in a wide range of conditions and requires far less watering and mowing than most grasses. At the same time, this tough grass creates a thick, soft carpet that feels great in bare feet. Zoysia is ideal because it actually grows differently
  5. Cavalier Zoysia forms a thick lawn with fine textured leaf blades(3-4mm) with a dark green color. Cavalier differs from other zoysia varieties because of its very fine, long, narrow leaf blades. Like Palisades, Cavalier requires less water and fertilizer while having comparable shade tolerance and producing a thicker turf than St. Augustine
  6. ation percentage over 75% to produce good results on a turf project.Pretreated/primed seed should be planted the same season, not stored for extended periods of time. Zoysia grass seed is occasionally offered for sale as coated seed, with approximately 50% purity (Compared to 98% on uncoated)
  7. ate and establish itself, a cost-effective alternative to laying sod is to order and plant Zoysia grass plugs. These small (typically 2″ x 2″ or 3″ x 3″ blocks of soil with established Zoysia grass) sod plugs can be planted in bare spots in your yard the same way you'd plant any.

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trials on the zoysia grasses across the Midwest. (The zoysias) should be hardy about as far north as Kansas City. All of these vari-eties are propagated vegetatively, not from seed, so sod producers will not have seed for sale. Engelke predicts more than 2,000 acres of zoysia grasses will be under culti-vation in Texas by the end of this year Overseeding Zoysia is a process that needs to do when you cover the lawn with this type of Asian grass. Zoysia is a great kind of grass. It looks amazing all year long and it does not need a lot of maintenance as well. However, the process of overseeding or thumping the lawn with other kind of plants/grass is sometimes needed Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed is a warm season lawn grass that grows well in full sun or under light shade exposure. Has good cold and drought tolerance and will form a dense and fine textured lawn. Provides a dark green and medium textured turf which is great golf courses, residential and commercial landscapes, and sports fields

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  1. Lazer Zoysia Grass produces narrower and shorter leaf blades as well as a shorter dwarf canopy compared to Diamond. Diamond was formerly the finest-leaf producer available on the zoysia market. It was also developed by AgriLife Research. In research trials, Lazer displayed resistance to tawny mole crickets as well as having lower seed.
  2. imal maintenance lawn-mature plugs are already producing runners. Zoysia plugs ordered in fall/winter will arrive dormant and won't be.
  3. Zorro® is the #1 rated zoysia grass in the NTEP trials. It is a very fine bladed zoysia with a deep, green color that is suitable for golf courses, commercial and residential lawns. Zorro's density, texture, and adaptability to different mowing heights offer an excellent playing surface for tees, fairways, fringes and roughs
  4. g in Elberta, AL in 1915. Today Woerner Turf is comprised of five farms and two retail outlets located in the Southeast and Hawaii. We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality turf grass and landscape materials to our customers
  5. Planting Zoysia Grass for a New Lawn. Zoysia grass can be grown from seed, sod, or plugs. Zoysia is a slow grower so sod or plugs are most commonly used. However, there are innovative seed products on the market, such as Scotts® Turf Builder® Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch that make seeding zoysia a good option
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  7. BRF Zeon Zoysia. Versatile: Use for lawns, golf courses, sports fields, resorts Adaptable: Thrives in a wide range of soil conditions Drought tolerant: Less water requirements. Salt Tolerant: In salty environments, simply mow the grass and remove clippings to remove salt from the soil Easy Care: Less thatch than other standard zoysias. Shade Tolerant: Grows in full sun or moderate shade

Grass Types: Palisades Zoysia. Jamur Zoysia. Cavalier Zoysia. Empire Zoysia. Zeon Zoysia. Buffalo 609. TifTuff Bermuda. Tifway 419 Bermuda. Celebration Bermuda. Palmetto St. Augustine. Raleigh St. Augustine Special Requests: Turf is cut in 16 by 24 squares or rolls and comes with approximately 171 squares on a pallet Amazoy endorsed Zoysia Seed Zoysia Seed is a good alternative way to start a Zoysia lawn. Traditionally this has been the way large commercial and institutional projects have gotten the benefits of Zoysia grass without going through the expense of sod. Today some homeowners want to take on this type of project as a way to have a Zoysia lawn Zoysia Grass is a warm season Alabama turf grass. Zoysia Grass's leaf texture is fine to a medium coarse and is sometimes sharp to the touch of a finger. Zoysia grasses leaf color ranges from a bright green and can be a dark green. Zoysia grass forms a very dense, low maintenance lawn. Zoysia grass requires full sunshine lawns

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ShadeKing ® Zoysiagrass is a winter-hardy, warm season lawn grass that performs better on southern lawns and requires less fertilizer, less water and fewer herbicides along with fewer mowings and less labor!!! Plus, ShadeKing ® works in sun or shade! Beware of overly wet, poorly drained areas and inadequate irrigation during dry weather. Already in use on thousands of lawns in Arkansas and. Empire Zoysia Grass. Empire Zoysia is a cutting edge crop of Zoysia grass with a thin film that forms a very green grass. It is the resistance to drought and the shade of the other varieties that make it popular. This herb also has a fine uniformity, height and can be left uncut as it grows to a height of 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm)

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Care Instructions for Zoysia: Wait to mow the sod until it has begun rooting into your ground. Shallow roots take 2-3 weeks with the right preparation. Once rooted, best to keep the height between 1-2″. Mow every 10-14 days during peak growing season for a lush lawn. Water daily for 20-30 minutes to get root establishment Zoysia Grass in Atlanta. Zoysia sod is a warm season grass that thrives in the southern United States. When purchasing zoysia sod, you can be sure that your lawn or golf course will thrive in the Atlanta summers and remain functional for the remainder of the year Turf Connections Low-Mow Cavalier Zoysia is a fine-bladed, beautiful grass that grows very slowly vertically. It was developed to stay low to the ground, hence, less mowing. It is distinguished from other zoysiagrass by its fine texture, long, narrow leaves, with low rhizome, but high density stolon production If it fails due to excessive off-types, they are not allowed to sale as certified until the off-types are eliminated. This is done so that if you buy Tifway 419 at one certified location, you have proof that is the same quality and variety grass as another certified producer location

The grass spreads by above-ground stems and underground stems. This thick, dense growth earns it favor from warm-climate sod producers and families that use their lawns heavily for lawn games and entertaining. Zoysia naturally develops a deep root system, and it's very efficient at conserving moisture and resisting drought Local Zoysia Grass Sod Installer in Frisco. From providing an area for your kids to play to enhancing the look and feel of your Frisco home, lawns are pretty remarkable. But in order to have a top-tier lawn, you need top-tier sod. That's where the professionals at Zoysia Sod would love to help. While the Zeon and Palisades sod varieties are. Texas Grass Depot offers St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia, Buffalo, Grass Sod and Turf. St. Augustine. St. Augustine Grass is a warm-season lawn grass that forms a thick, carpet-like lawn, crowding out most weeds and other grasses. These grasses do well in full sun or partial shade, and are the most shade tolerant grass available for Texas.

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Cavalier Zoysia Care. In Spring and Summer, mow 1″-2″ every 7-10 days. Shorter heights require regular and more frequent mowing. Do not scalp. Never remove more than 1/3 of leaf blade in any single mowing. In Fall and Winter, mow every 10-14 days. In Spring, apply fertilizer after danger of frost or in mid-February in frost-free areas Primary Grass Seed Variety. Product Type. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results. Grass Seed (54) Landscape Fabric Staples & Stakes (1) Lawn Patch (15) Lawn Seed Blanket (4) Lawn Seed Blankets (1) Sun Tolerance Palisades was developed at Texas A&M's Agricultural Experiment Station from a zoysia with Beltsville, MD origins. It is a medium-textured grass that is noted for its shade tolerance and low water use requirements. It is used on residential, commercial, and golf sites

Sod plugs are a simple way to repair damaged areas of a warm-season lawn or to establish a lawn when sod is not available or practical. We offer plugs in Zoysia and St. Augustine grass. One tray of 18 planted 12 to 16″ apart will cover 50 square feet. Dig a 3 deep hole for each plug (12-16″ apart) Just like many other zoysia grasses, Royal will grow in partially shaded areas but prefers full sun. Others Also Bought. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch thrives in heat, drought and partial shade, as well as survives colder temperatures. Zion is extremely low maintenance and 4.0 out of 5 stars 28 These individually grown Zenith ® Zoysia Grass Plugs are ready for planting in your lawn; they are fully mature and many are producing runners ! Our plugs are never cut from sod meaning they are stress free. Each tray contains 50 plugs that measure 1.75 x 1.75 x 2 inches deep. Our plugs are grown in the trays a rich soil mixture that feeds. EMPIRE Turf® is a Zoysia® grass that has truly raised the bar for warm season turf grass. EMPIRE sod combines soft to the touch feel with lush green color and fine, tight blade growth. Visually, EMPIRE is an extremely attractive turf grass for any landscaping job. Homeowners and Property Managers also appreciate its many maintenance.