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  1. Registration Customiser Demo. Use this URL code to save your design and/or share it with others. Just copy and paste it to your address bar and bookmark it, or use it as a link on the forums. Note: These options will be fully available for the first week that Wolvden is open, after which time some will be trimmed back to basics
  2. This wolf is currently on a breeding cool down. She will be able to fall pregnant again in 3 rollovers! This wolf has not rolled over today and will not be able to be traded or gifted until its next rollover
  3. Wolvden: Customizer Demo. By. mrXylax. Watch. 182 Favourites. 26 Comments. 4K Views. The starter wolf is a little limited, but once you start playing, there will be hundreds of markings and bases to dive into and discover! If you click on the logo it will take you to registration page - sign up for newsletter and first info about Early.
  4. Play Wolvden for free today! Sign up and create your very own wolf pack leader in a fun and challenging persistent browser-based game! Set in the various rich biomes of North America and Europe, encounter many different enemies and prey alike as you drive your wolf pack to victory in the rich world of Wolvden. Play for FREE

1 Befriending 2 Wolf Personalities 2.1 Personality Chart Occasionally, one will come across a wolf while exploring that can be befriended. Befriending a wolf will allow them to join one's pack. The process of befriending involves a minigame in which the correct choices must be selected based on the personality of the wolf that is being befriended. Though it is possible to find befriendable. The customizer can be used to create your perfect wolf. Using it, the player can create a new wolf or customize an existing wolf. The price starts at 20 GC and has an added 2 GC per markings (minus the first one) for a possible total of 38 GC Custom Decorations, or 'Custom Decor', are items created by Wolvden Users and made into regular, equippable in-game wolf decor item, through an approval process. To submit Custom Decor item to be added to the game, a user will have to purchase a Custom Decor Creator for 10GC in the grove. You will recieve 3 copies of a decor item once they are accepted, and if they are rejected you will. 1 Pass Rates and Marking Mutation 1.1 Marking Mutations (Incomplete) 1.2 Combo Markings 2 Auburn 3 Beige 4 Black 5 Brown 6 Cream 7 Dark Brown 8 Deira 9 Dinar 10 Doubloon 11 Ducat 12 Gray 13 Honey 14 Red (In Progress) 15 Sepia 16 Silver 17 Sterling 18 Tuff 19 White 20 Yellow 21 Zircon 22 Event Markings Markings are sorted similarly to bases in that they have a color and rarity, but an. Decorations are items than can be applied to wolves for aesthetic purposes. They can be found through specific explore encounters, crafting with items, or buying them at Raccoon Wares for Silver Cones

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  1. 1 Items 2 Scars Trophies can be obtained occasionally when battling any opponent that is Level 5 or higher, as long as your lead wolf is Level 10 or higher. The chance of trophies dropping increases with your lead wolf's level, with the highest chance of getting a drop being at Level 20. Many..
  2. 1 Lead Wolf Name 1.1 Titles 1.2 Featured Wolves 2 Experience, Stats, and Leveling Up 3 Retiring The Lead Wolf is the leader of the pack, and the wolf whom the player takes the role of. They cannot die by fatal illness or losing all HP. Lead wolf names do not have to be unique and can be changed any time, but are restricted to only 25 characters. Lead wolves (and featured wolves) can be given.
  3. g browser-based game set in North America. Breed pups, explore the wilds, customize your pack members, and more! Anything's possible when you're the lead wolf
  4. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art
  5. Wolvden. Wolvden is a Virtual Pet sim from the makers of Lioden. Wolvden focuses on breeding and caring for a pack of wolves. Players begin the game playing as a lone wolf searching for a home and pack. As part of the tutorial, they recruit their first wolf and begin to grow their pack. The complex breeding mechanics, with many markings and.
  6. Two of the NPC's we shared in our weekly teasers - Raccoon and Grizzly Bear www.wolvden.com/ - Wolvden is starting testing phase soon
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Wolvden. 3,560 likes · 153 talking about this. Become the leader of your own pack of wolves, explore the harsh wilderness and fight for survival in this online browser-based Wolf RPG Wolf Play is an exciting virtual Wolf game that is free to play! We blend roleplay elements with SIM game features. Embrace pack life as you assemble your pack, breed your wolves, hunt for food, gain and protect your territory Description: Use this wolf maker online game to create a wolf maker doll that you can customize and paint. Choose from the many options available. Welcome to Wolvden. Play Wolvden for free today! Sign up and create your very own wolf pack leader in a fun and challenging persistent browser-based game! Set in the various rich biomes of North. A feral dog, wandering the wilderness, in some way meets you/your females. It could be like the introduction of Tigons, where there was a continued 'story' told through explore encounters over time, eventually leading to you obtaining a breeding item to breed a wolfdog. inkogeki

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