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Disqualifications & Faults of the Holland Lop. Based off the ARBA Standard of Perfection. STUDY. PLAY. Pointed, narrow, thin, or folded. Faults of the ear. Bone and legs are severely faulted for what? Being long, narrow, or fine in bone. A junior that is 3 lbs. Not a DQ; permissible. A senior that is 4.02 lbs 5. Wrong breed entered, sex, color, and age. Wrong tattoo entered, or no tattoo at all. If the tattoo is really blurry and cannot be read it's a disqualification. 6. Deformed legs, or feet that are crooked and/or bent. 7. Poor ear carriage. (eg. Lops ears should lay down, others should stick erect on top of the head.) 8. Malocclusions: All types NOTE: Holland Lops can be excitable by nature and require a light touch to properly evaluate type, ear carriage and topline. When posing a Holland Lop, set the hindquarter and gently lift under the chin to encourage the animal to pose lightly on its front feet. Disqualifications from Competition-General toenail disqualifications apply on.

Then the judge will check the rabbits for disqualifications. Disqualifications include rabbits that are over the 4lb limit (applies to Holland Lops), missing or miscolored toe nails, etc. Rabbits with disqualifications are usually removed from the table immediately The judge will check each rabbit's teeth, nails, gender, and perhaps eyes, testicles or for other disqualifications. At this point, judges will weigh rabbits who seem to be under or over the weight limit for Holland lops (2 lb. minimum, 4 lb. maximum) The Holland Lop began from a cross-breeding between a French Lop buck and a Netherland Dwarf doe, in 1949, but it was not successful. --Colored or mismatched toenails on Broken patterned animals. Cut severely for long legs, narrow legs, or fine bone Disqualifications from Competition--General toenail disqualifications apply on Solid Pattern.

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  1. Disqualifications: General toenail disqualifications apply on all solid pattern groups. Fur: The Mini Lop fur is very thick and dense. It should be glossy and lustrous. It is medium in length with a good roll back. Faults: Long, thin, silky, harsh or extremely short fur. Color: Mini Lops come in many beautiful colors
  2. Holland Lops are generally of an excitable nature and will often exhibit poor ear carriage when being handled on the show table. In order to properly evaluate an aniaml's ear carriage, the animal should be allowed to relax. BODY --Points 32: The general aspect of the body is short, massive, and thick set
  3. Remember the 8 different Holland Lop color groups: Agouti , Wide Band, Self, Sha d ed. Tan Pattern, T icked, P ointed W hite, B r o k e n. Here at Hook's Hollands - Ohio Holland Lops, we work mostly with the Wide Band group colors of orange, cream, and frosty as well as chinchilla (agouti group). Wide Band colors are technically Agouti (A) with.
  4. All rabbits will go home with a week's supply of their current feed. Show and brood rabbits come with three-generation pedigrees, a sheet of information about the Holland Lop breed, and care information. Pet rabbits come with a bunny birth certificate (per buyer's request), a sheet of information about the Holland Lop breed, and a bunny care sheet
  5. Disqualification (DQ) - A serious imperfection of the rabbit (a DQ is even lower down than last place). Any injuries, infections, parasites, or diseases (in the judge's opinion) are DQs, as well as breed-specific DQs. In Holland Lops, an example of a DQ would be if the rabbit carries its ears above horizontal
  6. Holland lops have a very sturdy look, but they weigh only about four pounds. They have rather flat, baby faces and floppy ears. Hollands come in many solid and broken varieties, with tortoise and broken tortoise being very common. Holland lops have dense, rollback fur. History, Temperament, and Common Uses

The safety of my family and my rabbits is my top priority. PRICES: All prices subject to change without notice. Rabbits are priced on an individual basis based on their quality, faults and strengths. Pet: $80-$100. Brood: $100 - $120. Show: $120 - $200. PICK UP: ~Rabbits can be picked up at our home in Everett, WA Holland Lop Standards . Showroom Classes and Weights Senior Bucks and Does-6 months of age and over. Not over 4 lbs. Junior Bucks and Does-6 months of age and under. Minimum weight is 2 lbs. All colors are to be shown as Solid and Broken Pattern. Recognized colors with in a group are not to be judged. NOTE: Holland Lops should be posed with the front feet resting lightly on the table. When ideally posed and viewed from the front, the head should be carried high on the shoulders, and close to the shoulders, exposing a deep, well filled chest and short, thick front legs. Disqualifications from Competition-Broken pattern animals-The. MONTANA HOLLAND LOPS SALE POLICY. Show Quality: All rabbits sold as show quality meet the ARBA standards and are free of all disqualifications up to the time the sale is finalized. The rabbit(s) will be sold with a complete 3 generation pedigree along with show legs and ARBA registration. If available HL - Holland Lop PB - Purebred Rabbit Fuzzy - A Holland Lop that has longer wool like fur. It is a recessive gene that both parents have to carry in order to produce. If both parents carry it, there is a 1/4 chance of the babies being fuzzies

For Sale. Holland Lops. -Show quality animals with no disqualifications are $65+ with pedigree. - Breeding quality animals are $45+ with pedigree. Champagne D'Argents. -Show quality animals with no disqualifications are $75+ with pedigree. -Breeding quality animals are $55+ with pedigree. Creme D'Argents A showable Holland Lop has no disqualifications that would prevent it from being shown. It is based on Holland Lop colors as far as what is showable and not showable. Originally developed by Adriann de Cock of the Netherlands with the purpose of creating a dwarfed lop-eared rabbit that was smaller and easier to handle than the larger French Lop Holland Lop Rabbit Breeder. Dali loves to lounge around the house and cuddle, but she loves to pose for the judge Show Quality: Holland with no known disqualifications at the time of sale. Good body type, good coat, and meets the Standard of Perfection for Holland lops per ARBA. Sold with full pedigree and all Records of Leg of Grand Champion Certificates if available

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Show Quality and Pet Friendly Holland Lops. This is a small rabbitry started in 2011. All rabbits sold for show are free of disqualifications. All rabbits sold for either show or pet are very lovable and have great personalities. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email/call me. 05/19/2012 Start studying Rabbit- ARBA Disqualifications, body types, and commonly exhibited rabbit weights. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Create. Holland lop senior weights. Not over 4 lbs. Junior holland lop weights. Not under 2 lbs. Min lop buck senior weights. 4.5-6.5 lbs. Ideal mini lop.

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We are located on the back roads of East Douglas, MA. We breed Quality Lionheads and Holland Lops they are two Dwarf Breeds. They are small under 4 pounds super sweet and kid friendly. We are a small Closed rabbitry of about 35 holes and strive to devote as much time to the rabbits as possible. We breed according to the Standard of Perfection. We work really hard to produce the best quality. The American Rabbit Breeder's Association is the world's largest rabbit breeders organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the domestic rabbit Welcome to Agape Lops! Owned by Roxanne Shumate Updated 2-9-2012 Sorry I no longer raise rabbits the site is only up for reference will be up only for one more week ! SHOW NEWS!! BOB French Lop RKA's Dollface Show A , BOV Holland Lop Broken Sr Doe Starlight's Candyland. Stockton 4-3-2011 ARBA member, HLRSC member, previous 4-H leader Holland Lops with Personality Home; About ; Sales Policy ; For Sale; Recommendations Prices (varies by age, quality, sex): Pet Quality $40-60 (retired, not of show quality, heavily faulted, may contain genetic and/or physical disqualifications, do not accordingly adhere to the breed standard;.

1. Unless other arrangements are made, rabbits will not be held without a deposit. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold rabbits. Rabbits will be considered available until the deposit is paid. The deposit is payable via cash or PayPal. 2. Before placing a hold on a rabbit by paying a deposit, a pick-up date/time shall be agreed upon This means the rabbit listed for sale fits well within the ARBA breed standards and is free from any known disqualifications at the time the sale is made. Rabbits sold with show or brood potential will include a 3 to 4 generation pedigree. We make no guarantees about ©2019 by AGN Holland Lops. Proudly created with Wix.co For Sale - Lion N' Lop Farms. Sale policy/pricing: Show quality rabbits with no disqualifications will range from $50+ with pedigree. Breeding quality rabbits will range from $50+ with pedigree. Pet quality rabbits will range from $30+ without pedigree. *We offer discounts to 4H'ers who show their 4H card*. Payments Holland lops 4 Sale. Any rabbit sold without disqualifications as a pet at pet price will not have an ear tattoo unless requested you can purchase the pedigree within 6 months of purchase date for difference in purchase and show price if rabbit is ear tattooed prior to leaving my rabbitry.

Show Quality - One that exhibits showing potential and is free of disqualifications. Show quality animals come with a pedigree. Brood Quality - An animal that may or may not have disqualifications, but exhibits quality type that would help better a breeding program. Brood quality animals come with a pedigree. -----Holland Lops-----Winston's. Pickle Patch Rabbitry, Sarasota, Florida. 598 likes · 51 talking about this. Offering show and pet quality Holland Lops and American Chinchillas in the Central Florida area. Focus is on agouti.. Brand new 2 ft x 2 ft square cage with slide out tray under. Comes with litterbox, waterbottle and food dish. This is the safest cage for your rabbit and easiest to clean $80. Riley Stunning baby boy. Can go home approx June 30th $150 including tax. Duncan Cute baby boy The Velveteen Lop is a semi-arched breed and should be posed with the foreleg and hocks flat on the table. Faults - Lack of arch, chopped; cut off hindquarters; narrow shoulders; pinched or undercut hips. Disqualifications from Competition - Pigeon breast; Deviated sternum; short coupled, compact type. HEAD - Points 1

Breeder of Mini Rex & Holland Lop Rabbits For Sale. CLR's Lorcan Born April 24, 2021 Colour: Black Sire: CLR's Aspen Dam: CLR's Briar CLR's Lorcan is a hard one to part with. Currently going through an ugly stage, I imagine and hope he will turn out to be a nice herd buck some day. Show Quality: A rabbit that has no disqualifications or. Int122 What disqualification are specific to the feet of the English Angora? Int123 What disqualifications are specific to the Giant Angora head? Int131 In what year was the Holland Lop accepted into the ARBA Standard? Int132 Give the two patterns that French Lops are shown in recommend the cage sold at Tractor Supply with a wire bottom and pull out pan. Our breed stock start at $100 to $150. Show stock starts at $175 and goes up from there. Please. understand that price is dependent on quality. Pet Hollands: These are available to pet homes only, not for breeding stock. $60 to $80 each no. pedigree Fuzzy Tail's Pepper Black Polish Doe Born: 06/13/20 Pet quality Pepper is calm and sweet. Polish rabbits only weigh about 3 lbs as adults. They are known for having nice temperments and being a little more laid back than a Holland Lop, although each rabbit has its own personility

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Holland Lops: Holland Lops are the smallest of the lops. The Holland Lop is supposed to have a massive look, but be a small bunny. The standard says the ideal weight is in the 3-pound range, but breeders find their rabbits pushing the 4-pound limit as they select for thicker bone and more solid, heavyset bodies. The head should be large and bold Rabbits leaving here are healthy, we do not provide refunds. Look your rabbits over carefully and if you find a disqualification at the time you take possession, let us know immediately and we will work something out. Thank you! Ask any questions you want - we'll be glad to answer them Britannia Petite - not over 2 lb, Netherlanddwarf- 2 1b,DwarfHotot- 2 lb, Polish - 2 1b, Holland Lop - 4 1b,American Fuzzy Lop - 4 1b,Jersey Woolley-3 lb, Himalayan - 4 lb If you are a Junior in 4H what grades could you be in

History. Bob Herschbach discovered the Mini Lop breed at a German National Rabbit Show in Essen, Germany in 1972, where it was known as a Klein Widder.These first Mini Lops were originated from the German Big Lop and the small Chinchilla.These two breeds came originally in Agouti and white colors.. German lops were about 8 pounds (3.6 kg), slender and large with thick ears Wool in the saddle area; lack of separation between the wool of the mane and any transition wool on the flanks and hips. The separation between the mane and transition wool shoul Plush Lop is a breed of domestic rabbit with two varieties: Miniature and Standard. There is also a Canadian Plush Lop breed in development. Similar in appearance, the Velveteen Lop breed is also in development. Miniature Plush Lops were the first to be developed. Devie D'anniballe began creating this breed in 1995 in the United States However, the disqualifications pertaining to amount of color vary from breed to breed. Every breed but the Satin disqualifies for under 10% color. The Mini Rex, Polish, Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Havana, and French Angora disqualify for over 50% color. All other rabbit breeds, such as French Lops, English Lops, Holland Lops, and Mini Lops do no

Every breed but the Satin disqualifies for under 10% color. The Mini Rex, Polish, Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Havana, and French Angora disqualify for over 50% color. All other rabbit breeds, such as French Lops, English Lops, Holland Lops, and Mini Lops do not disqualify for over 50% color. Read More for an activity and more information DISQUALIFICATIONS: White patch or spot(s) (not molt spots); cream color or yellow cast; less than 50% [Champagne] color showing on the head and body. COLOR DESCRIPTIONS & GENETICS. Champagne's are essentially a black rabbit with 2 sets of silvering genes (si). A solid black rabbit would be SiSi, while a chapagned rabbit will be sisi Show quality rabbit has no disqualifications as per ARBA Standard of Perfection. We cannot guarantee how a rabbit will place on the show tables. Brood quality rabbit may have a disqualification that prevents it from showing, such as broken toe or tail, not enough color on a broken, or weight This site offers mostly articles on breeding and showing, but also has a page on the Holland Lop Standard and what are considered faults/disqualifications on the show table. Of course, I'd love it if you asked me any question you have on the subject of rabbits. I love to share my knowledge with whoever wants to hear it

Any known faults or disqualifications are clearly listed on our for sale page or the notes of the info form kept on file. Holland lop, holland lops, bunnies for sale, Rabbits For Sale, Holland lop bunnies, Pedigree rabbits, Show rabbits, hollywoodrabbits.com, Rabbit, Bunny, rabbit feed, Hollywoodrabbitsfeed.com, hollywood rabbits feed,. General Faults and Disqualifications. Write F for fault and DQ for Disqualification. These apply to all breeds. Each Answer: 1 Point. 1. Chopped Hindquarters. 2. Missing Tail. 3. Ears carried above horizontal in lop-eared breeds. 4. Wry tail. 5. Excessive scattered white hairs. 6. Wrong color eyes. 7. Pinched hindquarters. 8. Low shoulders. 9 Sr59 Give the marking disqualifications for a Broken French Lop? A. 1) Complete absence of any head marking(s) 2) Less than 10% coloration. Sr60 What is the function of the cecum? A. It is where bacteria digest feed that has not been digested in the stomach and small intestine. It helps the rabbit handle large amounts of roughage • May have faults or non-genetic disqualifications that will keep it from winning or showing on the show table, but should be an asset to a breeding program. • I cannot guarantee that any rabbit I sell will produce kits, especially if the rabbit is purchased at less than 6 months of age Kim's Hopping Lops is a small rabbitry located in Fleetwood, PA. We raise, breed, and show Holland Lops and Velveteen Lops. We are members of the Berks County 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Club and the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)

The Holland Lop is already a difficult breed to breed consistency in While it might be a cool effect, it's a disqualification on the show table and taboo to use, regardless of how nicely typed a rabbit you have. Because of this, being thorough when going through and writing out your pedigrees as well as looking for rabbits from lines clean. Breeding quality Holland Lops in the Tort and Shaded varieties, and Californians primarily for meat. (2) Operating as usual. 05/01/2020 My rabbits are rigorously evaluated for disqualifications and health issues, and are believed to be free of any genetic DQ's unless otherwise noted; in which case, the rabbit will be sold as a pet without. Holland Lops are one of the hardest breeds. If you really are in love with the squishy faces of the holland lop, and the high buy in doesn't scare you off, breeding holland lops is right for you. But remember that I have warned you about the difficulty of the journey you are about to begin if you continue with one of the hardest breeds in ARBA

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A. Fuzzy Lop: 33 62 Holland Lop 38: 51 English Angora: 50 60 Hotot 50 50: French Angora 27 51 Jersey Wooly 26 56 Giant Angora 90 115 Lilac 25 35 Satin Angora 35 75 Mini Lop 19 41 Britannia Petite 73 73 Mini Rex 22 32 Californian 10 25 Mini Satin 30 80 Champagne D'Argent 10: 25 Netherland Dwarf 37 5 Any Holland Lop you see either belongs to the black family of colors or the brown (chocolate) family of colors--regardless of the main color that you see when you look at the rabbit. The vast majority of Holland Lops you will see at a show or at the typical barn belongs to the black family. Black family colors include black

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Mini Lops are shown in 2 classes - Solid OR Broken (solid color broken up by white). The following description is taken from The Standard of Perfection for Mini Lops: Body: Massive, thickset, heavily muscled, compact, well balanced. Shoulders broad, well filled with good depth. Hindquarter is broad, deep smooth, rounded, lower hips well filled BREEDING HOLLAND LOPS OUR WAY FOR SALE RABBITS when the rabbit is back in our possession we will take it to a judge and have the rabbit evaluated and if there is a disqualification with the rabbit it will then be replaced. We have been taken advantage of to many times and have now found it necessary to implement this policy, no exceptions No rabbits with known disqualifications will be offered for sale, with the exception of Brood Does which may be over the 2 pound 8 ounce weight limit. It is the purchasers responsibility to examine the rabbit before taking possession for defects and ARBA disqualifications

Genetics play a huge role in breeding and raising Holland Lops. Since Holland Lops are a dwarf breed, there are additional genetics that come into play when breeding. In fact, raising Holland Lops is one of the most difficult breeds to raise that is why there are fewer Holland Lops breeders. Holland lops will average 3-5 kits (babies) per litter Acceptable weight: over 6 months of age, 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 pounds; ideal weight is 5 1/4-5 1/2; disqualifications for over 6 1/2lbs (3 kg). Juniors are to be over 2 lbs 8 ounces to be shown and can be placed in the Senior class if over 4 1/2 before their sixth month. No animal may be shown in a lower age group

I can deliver to shows that I am planning on attending as long as a desposit has been made.; I only accept money orders and cash. No Exceptions. A 10% discount on buying 3 or more rabbits may be given, depending on quality.; The price of a certain animal is subject to change based on increasing food prices and the maturing of the animal The following rabbits are for sale to pet homes only as they may have show disqualifications (Wrong eye colour, conformation faults that make them not Show Quality) or they may be retiring from breeding. This means they are not to be bred, will not come with pedigrees and will be sold as pets only. A 50% deposit paid by e-transfer is required. The American Rabbit Breeders Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, development and improvement of the domestic rabbit and cavy. With almost 20,000 members throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad, our members range from the pet owner with one animal to the breeder or commercial raiser with several hundred. Whether you own rabbits and cavies for pet, show. Bloomington, IL 61702 Phone: 309-664-7500 Email: info@arba.net www.ARBA.net Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club (HLRSC) Chesapeake, VA 23322 Phone: 757-421-960

Length of wool should be at least 2 inches. It is a disqualification to have wool less then 1 1/2 inches in length. Tips for getting a good showable Fuzzy Lop. 1. As always check condition, if it is well groomed, kept clean and check to make sure it is free of disease (check ears, eyes, nose, genitals). 2. Fuzzy Lops are supposed to be under 4lbs Brood Quality - A rabbit with minor disqualification that inhibits it from showing, but does not prevent it in being used in a breeding program to produce more show quality animals. Examples: Rabbit with wrong colored toe-nails, missing toe-nails, wrong markings, a blemish such as a scar, etc Brood Quality: Brood quality or breeding quality, is a rabbit that may or may not be free of disqualifications at the time it is sold (any DQs would not be hereditary and will be disclosed to anyone who desires to purchase that rabbit). Some brood quality rabbits may be shown. Prices of brood quality vary according to color, show quality characteristics, and back ground lines

Sales Policy - BMR's Signature Rabbitry. With the purchase of rabbit (s) from BMR's Signature Rabbitry, you are agreeing to our terms and the following policy: We have the right to refuse any sale, at any time, for any reason. In order to hold a rabbit, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required. We cannot guarantee you a rabbit without the deposit For Sale. We no longer raise Holland lops. Located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Prices starting at $30. We do NOT sell cages. Prices based on show quality. Average ~$40-$75 for show rabbits. All rabbits I own are purebred and have pedigrees, pedigrees will be supplied for show purposes. Email if you are looking for something specific There are any number of things that could make a doe a brood doe, such as, uninheritable disqualifications like a severely torn or chewed off ear, a missing toenail, or an injury that subsequently developed a white spot. Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon of a problem since in many Holland Lops there is a great deal of genetic. Originally, Dutch rabbits are descendants of the Petite Brabancon, which originated from the Brabant regions of Flanders, then were heavily bred in the 19th Century for the purpose of meat production.In the 1830's, when they appeared in Britain, they often had white markings. English fanciers selected the best marked of those rabbits, and hence we have what is known today as the Dutch rabbit

Disqualifications include, maloclusion, over the weight limit, deformities, any evidence of irregular preparation. HISTORY. Their history is a bit complicated. After 1964 when the Adrian de Cock Dwarf Lops were imported there was ban on importing rabbits until the late 1970s. In 1978, businessmen Angio Chiesa imported some more little lops from. Holland Lop Rabbit Speciality Club. Operating as usual. 06/08/2021 . Babies everywhere! . 06/08/2021 . This is a sneak peek of what our baby boom is looking like! Lots of babies!! Will be getting pictures of magpie harlequins and lionlops tomorrow to post, they are ready to be reserved Holland Lop Originally developed by Adriann de Cock of the Netherlands with the purpose of creating a dwarfed lop-eared rabbit that was smaller and easier to handle than the larger French Lop. The venture was long and challenging but ultimately, rewarding as the breed was recognized by the ARBA in 1979 We are a small local rabbitry specializing in Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. (41) Operating as usual. 04/08/2021 *SOLD PPU Jr Himi Buck 12 weeks old Dam: Little Rose's Nina (2 legs) Sire: Little Rose's Sokka (1 leg) for . 04/08/2021 . Netherland Dwarf himi buck, pet (neutered) 12 weeks ol Prices are subject to change based on maturing of animals. Rabbits are sold on first come, first serve basis. I require a 50% non-refundable deposit within 24 hours to hold a rabbit. I will house a rabbit for some length of time with prior arrangements. Animals not picked up within one month will be charge $30 housing per month unless prior.

Longer (or thicker) ears are more likely to droop. Some lop-eared rabbits have been deliberately bred for exaggerated ear length. As this can be considered detrimental to the rabbit's health, requirements in Germany ban rabbits with ears over 25.5 inches (65 cm), and in Holland, 27.5 inches (70 cm) is as long as they can be allowed [in shows] before disqualification Our Top Articles Rabbit Care Information Cold-weather Rabbit Care - Bunnies can live outdoors when it's freezing and snowing, but they need some extra protection. Here are some tips. Free Rabbitry Record Sheets - Download and print these forms to help you keep track of vital information in your rabbitry.; Keeping Rabbits in Top Condition- What can you feed your bunnies to give them an.

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HOLLAND LOP HISTORY; NETHERLAND DWARF STANDARD Cute as a button, this old favorite is the smallest breed of rabbit and is often the one many breeders start out with. Being over 1.13 kg is a disqualification. Faults include narrow shoulders, ears not erect, bent or over length, narrow face, white hairs and toenails in coloured rabbits. English Lops are the first lop breed to ever be known to man. Originating in Algiers, Africa, the English Lop made its first appearance over 3000 years ago. Due to Algiers extremely hot temperatures, averaging in the 90's for a great portion of the year, the English Lop rabbit is supposed to have developed its long ears to help keep itself from. Jacket Woolies are a dwarf variation of the Angora rabbit, a wool-producing breed. Lop-eared bunny types, interbred with dwarfs, were made use of to produce Holland Lop. Regardless of its name, the Mini Lop is not a dwarf type. Especially, the Netherland Dwarf body ought to be rounded, compact, and also similarly broad from front to back

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Official Show Rules of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. EFFECTIVE 4/6/2021 GENERAL SECTION 1. These show rules are official and the sole property of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. (ARBA). The ARBA reserves the right to enforce any and all provisions of these show rules a

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Based on the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Standard for Mini Lops, points are assigned to various body elements of the rabbit. These point designations assist rabbit judges, and breeders, in determining which rabbits best meet the standard. The ultimate point total is 100 = 43 (body) + 20 (head) + 12 (ears and crown) + 5 (feet. Jr116 A disqualification is one or more defects, deformities, or blemishes, that render a rabbit ineligible for competition or registration. Jr117 The gestation of a rabbit is 28 - 33 days. Jr118 There are 5 lop-eared breeds. (Mini, French, English, Holland, & American Fuzzy Lop) Jr119 The definitions for a fault are Show quality Holland Lops start at $50 and go up from there depending upon the age, show wins, parents, and value of respective rabbit. We guarantee our rabbits to be free of recognized genetic defects or disqualifications at the time of sale unless rabbits are purchased with such defects or DQ's with the full knowledge of the buyer The Netherland Dwarf Rabbit was developed in the early 1900s in Holland from the white Polish Rabbit and wild rabbits to produce a small rabbit in a variety of colours. The Netherland Dwarf Rabbit was first given a show standard in Holland in 1940. Netherland Dwarf Rabbits were introduced in the UK in the late 1940s and into the US in the late.