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2. How to register your organisation in e-Calls PADOR? To register in e-Calls PADOR, you need: A sufficiently stable internet connection; The e-mail address of your organisation; An EU Login account (see below) For a better user experience, please use Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 38 or higher, Chrome 50 or higher On April 28 a webinar was held on the topic of ''How to register a community (organization) at PADOR system'' initiated by Union of Communities of Armenia. The webinar was attended by dozens of representatives from communities: project managers, representatives from NGO's which cooperate with the communities Apply for a grant. Step 1. Register your organisation. Create your EU Login account using your professional e-mail address EU . Set your password. Once you have your username and password to PADOR to create your account. PADOR box: 'PADOR - Potential Applicant Data Online Registration' Register your organisation the application form, the EuropeAid ID (PADOR code). The EuropeAid ID is obtained only after complete registration in PADOR. Therefore, organisation must register completely in PADOR before the Concept note dead-line. • Data introduced in PADOR is used: o for the eligibility check of the applicant/partners, during the evaluation of the proposa Registration in PADOR is obligatory for all Co-applicants and Affiliated Entities to Call for proposals, non state actors, public administration bodies, including local authorities, who apply for a grant over 25.000€. However, there may be exceptions to the obligatio

NGO Resources The Pador Registration: Pador Registration Link (The Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration): Pador off line form. Applicant Registration. Before applying for a funding opportunity, you need to register an account with Grants.gov. Whether you are an applicant for an organization or an individual applying for grants on your own, you only need to register one account on Grants.gov. The Grants.gov registration process can be completed in minutes NGO Affairs Bureau: Reg No: 1136 Date: 17/02/1997. 03. Micro credit Regulatory Authority (MRA) : 02461- 01449- 00212 Dated 03/04/2008. Other Registration: 01. PADOR (EC) Reg. No. BD-2010-CXK-1302972647, Date : 13/02/2010. 02. D-U-N-S (USA) Number is 731580101, Date: 05/02/2013, NCAGE Code: SUN06. 03. SAM-System for Award Management. Type and Level of the Organization and its Registration Details Type:Non-Government, Non-Political Voluntary Development Organization. Level: National NGO Registration Certificate from Gov Authorities in Bangladesh: Sl. Registration Authority Registration No. Start Date View 1. Department of Social Welfare Social Welfare-94/1991 09/10/1991 Bangle Engliah 2. NGO Affairs Bureau NGO Affairs.

The Council for NGOs in Malawi (CONGOMA) is a membership umbrella organization for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). CONGOMA is a designated NGO coordinating body in Malawi as stipulated in Section 24 and 25 of the Non-governmental Organizations Act 2000 Registration Number & Date Registration Authority Ministry; Number: 2023 Date: 30.03.2020 - 29.03.2030: NGO Affairs Bureau (NGO-AB) Prime Minister's Office Government of the People's Republic of Banglades

FROM THE OBLIGATION TO REGISTER IN PADOR. ALL OTHER APPLICANTS/PARTNERS MUST ENCODE THIS INFORMATION IN PADOR. ( Support to national NGOs Support to international NGOs : Support to local and regional NGOs Refugees : Refugees (in donor countries) Refugees (in donor countries PADOR is an on-line database in which organisations register themselves and update regularly their data, through the Europeaid website. Before starting the registration of your organisation in PADOR, please read the Quick guide available on the website. It explains the registration process Founder : Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.) Date of establishment : 9 February, 1958 Legal Status : Department of Social Welfare registration number: 316/1963 Registered under the Societies Act: Registration no. S5682 (799)/06 Registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau: Registration no. 246 09/12/1987 Registered with the MRA: License no. DFED- 00109-02243-00747 EU PADOR Registration: EuropeAid ID:Read Mor Founder : Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R.) Date of establishment : 9 February, 1958 Legal Status : Department of Social Welfare registration number: 316/1963 Registered under the Societies Act: Registration no. S5682 (799)/06 Registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau: Registration no. 246 09/12/1987 Registered with the MRA: License no. DFED- 00109-02243-00747 EU PADOR Registration: EuropeAid ID: [ 1) Where I can find EuropeAid ID number. I register NGO in PADOR data base? And do we need to fill all information? 2) Budget planning. We understand maximum is 80 % from EU and 20 % co-financing. We understand that all activities can happen in Russia. But we cannot understand co-financing from Latvia partner side - do we need plan finance???

NGO Bureau Registration Date Autofill from registration NGO Bureau Expiry Date Autofill from registration SAM-DUNS If Applicable PADOR If Applicable Category of Organization Autofill from registration Year of Establishment Autofill from registration Place of Origin Autofill from registration Official Address Autofill from registration. Furthermore, as the NGO field is not mandatory in ABAC, the Commission does not identify consistently all NGOs as such across its information systems. For instance, in two of our audited projects 15 two participating NGOs, although registered as NGOs in the applicants' registration system (PADOR), were not labelled as such in ABAC

Provide information about the organizations involved in the action. Please note that the registration of this data in PADOR is obligatory for this call for proposals: . Concept note step: Registration is obligatory for lead applicants applying for EU contributions of more than EUR 60 000. Full application step: Registration is obligatory for co-applicant(s) and affiliated entity(ies) NGO / INGO Sectors International Registration Support: International Registration like Pador, DUNS, N-Cage, SAM etc. is essential and pre-requisite for applying fund for different renowned donors. This is a complicated and sometimes monotonous technical work. We offer to provide professional help in getting registration for organizations Organizations applying for the EIDHR need to be registered in PADOR, the registration system the EU uses. Make sure to be registered there in advance, as the process can take a while! In the concept note stage, only the lead applicant needs to register. In the first stage of the application process, applicants must send a concept note

Deadline: 23-Nov-20 The United States Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs INL is seeking applications from qualified U.S. and non-U.S. based non-governmental (NGOs)/non-profit organizations or Educational Institutions for a Cooperative Agreement to implement a program entitled Children Support Centers Registration Authority: Registration No. Date: European Union (PADOR Registration) Europe Aid ID: BD-2018-FQQ-1501004879: 15.01.2018: USAID Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and SAM of Government of USA: D&B DUNS No- 73-165-9541: 24.01.201 The registration number is Barguna-01/84, Dated 27 September, 1984 and affiliated with the Department of Youth Development, Government of Bangladesh bearing the number Ba-1852, Bar-07, Am-01, Dated. The organization also obtained registration from the NGO Affairs Bureau under Foreign Donations Act of 1978

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International Registration Numbers: DUNS (85-051-9499) DUNS registration number with USAID (123456787) European Union registration number (FR-2007-DWN-2711531429) PADOR (AF-2009-EYG-1902266595) Background of Establishment Sl Registration Authority Registration No. Date 1. Consultative Status of NGO Branch, ECOSOC, UN 94-Shushilan 13/8/2013 2. European Union (PADOR Registration) Europe Aid ID: BD-2007-ECS 2711582518 31/10/2017 3. Asian Development Bank (ADB) Consultant Management System (CMS) Number 011164 24/1/2012 4 Yuva Rural Association (YRA) is registered organization under M.P. Society Registration Act 1973 from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. YRA has turned 16 years old now and continues to work hard for the development of the rural & tribal poor. The focus is to empower the deprived sections of rural and tribal society through interventions in the areas of.

NGO Affairs Bureau, Registration No. 1174 PADOR (Potential Applicant Data Online Registration) No. EuropeAID BD-2013-FZO-191167076 NGO Bureau Registration Date. Autofill from registration. NGO Bureau Expiry Date . Autofill from registration. SAM-DUNS. If Applicable. PADOR. If Applicable. Category of Organization . Autofill from registration. Year of Establishment . Autofill from registration. Place of Origin . Autofill from registration Sessions -training on PADOR registration - to support the registration of NGOs in PADOR for all the interested NGOs that are willing to apply for EIDHR grants during the first phase (Concept Note) of the application process. The PADOR Registration training will be delivered on the third day of the training, as part o The Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration (PADOR) is an on-line database in which organisations register themselves and update regularly their data. This data concerns the organisation itself, it is not linked to a particular project proposal, and i

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  1. Home; About Us. MRDI At A Glance; Mission and Vision; Organogram; Affiliations; Board of Directors; MRDI Team; Coordinators; MRDI Designated Information Office
  2. Date of Registration. 693/93. NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh. 16.03.1993. S-2361(204)/2000 Register of Joint stock Companies & Firms. 04.05.2000. 01271-01016-00183. Micro Credit Regulatory Authority. 16.03.2008. BD-2009-CQP-2208717489. EU PADOR. 19.03.2010. Latest News. GBK-TPP Convocation Event 2020 মাটি ছাড়া.
  3. Board members play a crucial role in the functioning of an NGO, and therefore, one should be careful while appointing them. It is a good practice to develop a systematic process for their appointment and selection.The board recruitment plan should clearly indicate the following:Number of board membersCriteria for selection of Board membersKey QualitiesTenure of a board memberTerms of Reference.
  4. PADOR . ONAAR is registered with PADOR wide Registration #: PK-2013-CXI-1203770259 . Memberships. Membership of Network; CRAN, (Child Rights Advocacy Network) at District Mansehra, KPK of Pakistan. CRM, (Child Rights Movement) Provincial Network of KPK of Pakistan. SNI, (Sarhad NGO Ittehad) at Provincial Network of KPK of Pakista

In this video, we have explained about #NGO, #Types_ of_ NGOs and how to register an NGOs in India? Further, we have clarified the difference among a #Trus.. NGO Registration services cover the following aspects: To Register an NGO there are different processes and methods in different states of India that you have to select the best suitable process. 1. NGO Registration as a Trust. 2. R egistration as a Society. 3. Registration as a Section 8 Non Profit Company. National and State Level NGO. PADOR Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration Service EuropeAid Athens, September 25th â 26th 2008 Content EuropeAid â Facts and Figures PADOR Context Principle European commission pador. Register your organisation in the Potential Applicant Data Online Registration (PADOR). Submit your application within set deadline and under the call's terms, either by post if allowed or, in most cases, online via the e-Calls PROSPECT portal Country: Slovenia: Address: Rozmanova ulica 30 Novo mesto 8000 : Telephone: +386 7 3939274: Fax: +386 7 3939212: E-Mail: drpdnm@yahoo.co

  1. g facilitates cooperation and exchange between institutional partners from Serbia with relevant partners around Europe and around the World. In Serbia, Terrafor
  2. Tel: (88041) 812113, 724119, Fax:(88041) 812113, E-mail: info@ashroyfoundation.org, ashroy.foundation@gmail.co
  3. Social welfare Directorate: Registration No.Sat-278/99. NGO Affairs Bureau: Registration No. FD-1963/23.09.04 . Online Donor Identification No: PADOR Registration No : BD-2009-GoH-2412602181. SAM Registration No : Agrogoti Sangstha/731587916/SVB1
  4. Organization Background Relief Humanitarian and Development Organization (RHDO) is a nongovernmental, non- religious, non-political, non-profit and non-military organization, working for development of Afghanistan through implementation of health, community development and capacity development/research projects. RHDO was established in February 2014 and is registered with the Ministry of.
  5. Registration Number. Registration Date. NGO Affairs Bureau. 156. 29. 03.1984. Societies Act. EuropeAid ID (PADOR Registration) BD-2009-GPW-0802123635. 20.11.2014. ECAS (European Commission Authenticate Service) PIC - 935879572 South Asia Partnership-Bangladesh is a national level NGO devoted to promote the socio-economic condition of.
  6. T o help NGOs/civil society organisations and local authorities access EC development funding, EuropeAid, the European Commission's cooperation office set up a database for Potential Applicant Data On-line Registration (PADOR) in 2007. Thanks to PADOR, organisations responding to calls for proposals need to submit their information and.

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  1. NGO Non-governmental organisation PADOR Potential Applicant Data Online Registration System REA UNICEF . Research Executive Agency United Nations Children's Fund : 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY . I. The Commission implements an estimated 1.7 % of the EU budget and 6.8 % of th
  2. 20 Ways for You to engage with the United Nations: Grants, Conferences and Networking Opportunities. 7 tips for creating successful partnerships with NGOs. 9 interesting ways to maintain relationships with your donors. Using Social Media to Enhance Your NGO Visibility. Resource mobilization for community-based organizations
  3. COSPE is a non-profit association established in 1983 and recognised in 1984 as Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union.Cospe is active in the international cooperation field in about 30 Developing Countries with approximately 100 projects, while in Italy and in Europe promotes fair and sustainable development, intercultural.
  4. Requirements can be gathered from the aforementioned PADOR and funding forms, including providing information on: whether they are incorporated as an NGO; to what extent the board of directors is involved in the organization; whether they have an account for each project, number of accounts, currency, signing authority; where petty cash is kept.
  5. Premium Standard MembershipBilled Annually $ 99.99. Please note that payments made in INR attract an additional 18% GST for registration as per the Government of India's tax regulations. Chronologically arranged list of grants/funding opportunities from around the world with comprehensive details about the opportunities, their respective donors.
  6. Setction 8 Company registration or incorporation is also a form of ngo registration. Online ngo registration is also a formation a section 8 company, because section 8 company incorporation in india as non-profit organisation. So,We can form section 8 company in india like delhi ncr, haryana, uttar pradesh, bihar, odisha, kolkata, chennai and.

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- The Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration (PADOR) IQ-2019-DQX-1206448344 - European Commission's Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) with OIC E10229392 and PIC 89668284 Name of the registering agency NGO Affairs Bureau, Bangladesh Registration number 1174 Date of registration 24 July 1997 Name of the registering district Dhaka PADOR (Potential Applicant Data Online Registration) No. >> EuropeAID BD-2013-FZO-1911670764 D-U-N-S (Data universal Numbering System) Number >> 73156122 Contact us Aid Organization (AO) Jaifia Plaza 3rd floor, Battala Nabagram Road, Barisal-8200, Bangladesh. Phone: +88 0431 2176118 Cell phone: +88 0171866519 National Board of Revenue: Value Added Tax(VAT) Registration Certificate, BIN: 000885483(14/08/2019) 8. Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration (PADOR): BD-2008-EVA-0712824261, Date: 14/08/200

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Registration Number's. Registration Date. Year Social Welfare Shari - 77/92. 10/08/1992. 1992 NGO Affairs Bureau 794/93. 29/12/1993. 1993 Joint Stock Company Act S-6456(700)/07. 26/02/2007. 2007 Micro credit Regulatory Authority 03074-04616-00229. 29/04/2008. 2008 PADOR number BD-2009-BYT-2903665052 DUNS number 731579160/ SAM-SVB1 Name of Registration Authority: Registration Number: Date of Registration: Department of Social Welfare: Siraj-225/92: 28.03.1992: NGO Affairs Bureau: 880: 02.01.199 It was also registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau, under the Foreign Donations (voluntary contributions) Regulation Ordinance, 1978 on 28 June 1993. ASK also holds the Europe Aid Potential Applicants Database Online Registration (PADOR) ID BD-2008-DNK- 0201660464. ASK is a membership-based organisation CONCORD is the European confederation of relief and development NGOs.. We envision a world where people live free of poverty and exploitation. This must be achieved by a citizen-led transformative agenda based on social justice and gender equality and respecting diversity and the limits of our planetary capacity

The registration system is user-friendly, and the USAID encourages you complete the registration by yourself and obtain your DUNS number. If you have problems, you can contact Bisnode via email: info.ba@bisnode.com or phone: +387 33 215 454, +387 33 215 452 or visit Bisnode BH at Vrazova 8, 71000 Sarajevo, www.bisnode.b PADOR registration is necessary for all applicants. For More Information and Application, Please Visit; EuropeAid Website. Funding for NGOs 2021/2022. Funding for Artists 2021/2022. Funding for Entrepreneurs 2021/2022. Over 4500 Current Fully Funded Scholarships for International Student European Commission registration: PIC number 960094458 EuropeAid ID HR-2009-BAC-1311370636 LEF ID (PADOR) 6000070751 The Blue World Institute is registered as a scientific NGO with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia under ordinal 3 as of 22.1.200 NGO Registration no. INDR13211607NB (Indigenous Organization) | PIC no. 919182186 (EU Account) | EID - UG-2017-FRT-1712881665 (PADOR

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  1. Our Vision. We envisage rural communities in Nigeria that are environmentally conscious, where poverty is eradicated, and social rights upheld. Our Mission. To work with the poor and socially excluded people, and government for the promotion of environmental and human rights protection in communities in Nigeria, aimed at poverty reduction.
  2. g for local organisations Not enough fields to upload all the required documents PADOR Help Desk - reaction time and quality of answer No uniform application of document language Additional requirements for documents for specific calls No uniform application process for all EC DGs Templates Registration syste
  3. The NGO partners will be responsible for hiring the drivers and for covering the running costs, such as fuel, small maintenance and things like that. However, registration, insurance and heavy maintenance costs will be borne by EF. Q23 - Do we need to have a PADOR registration for this call? Answer: Yes, you will need to have a PADOR.
  4. istrative costs of donors 91010 Ad
  5. applicants and Affiliated Entities is updated in PADOR (Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration), which is an online database where organisations register and regularly update their core data. Any derogation (e.g. the permission to use own system for exchange rates, exemptions to visibilit
  6. NGOs, as well as individuals and degree-granting social work education programs will be each served with an award under different categories. The awards include a letter and an engraved plague to recognize the contribution of the winners towards education for better livelihood. Registration at PADOR for all applicants is mandatory. To.

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  1. Registration Numbers: a. Ministry of Social Welfare : No. DA-03362 Dated : 28-08-1995 b. NGO Affairs Bureau : No. 1440 Dated : 25-10-1999 . c. EuropeAid ID (PADOR) d. D-U-N-S Number. e. NCAGE Code. f. Ref no. g. SAMS User Number : BD- 2013-EFQ-0112691480 dated: 28 May 2016. 731571969 SJLD3:BD20225278603 date: 12-8-20: moazzem@iacib55
  2. 3. (Applicant's) Place of Registration (pg 12 out of 32) 4. (Applicant's) Official address of Registration (pg 12 out of 32) 1. You have to specify for which lot you are applying, i.e. Lot 1 or Lot 2. Please refer to the Guidelines for applicants, page 5, Size of the grants. 2. The reference number is EuropeAid/129191/L/ACT/RS 3
  3. Last update 20 July 2011 1 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) FOR GLOBAL CALLS FOR PROPOSALS UNDER THE THEMATIC PROGRAMMES DISCLAIMER This document is intended as useful information for applicants. Given varying call requirements and specificities, the replies included in thi

See the footnotes to the Guidelines for the call. 2013.1.rev Page 1 of 44 Page 1 of 44 250536420.doc Dossier No (for official use only) EuropeAid ID2 Ongoing contract/Legal Entity File Number (if available)3 2 To be inserted if the organisation is registered in PADOR (Potential Applicant Data On- Line Registration) Bangladesh Social Development Academy (BSDA) is a nonprofit, non-government Social Development Organization established in 1996 by Dr. Mr. Abdus Salam with assistance of some enthusiastic youth, teachers and social workers. In 1993 a rural library was established at Mohishkota village under Sadar Upazila to gather essential information, books and periodicals and to share Knowledge among the. NGOs, Public and private bodies supporting the workforce, Vocational and technical training institutions, taking into consideration that it is dedicated for the online PADOR registration. A23 Please refer to the article of the Guidelines for grant applications - Application forms

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As a first step, Fr Jose took initiative to register an NGO with the name, Fransalian Agency for Social Care and Education in India (FAsCE India) as a Registered Society with Fr Abraham Mullenkuzhy (President), Fr Jacob Mattathil (Vice-President), Fr Jose Karipadathu (Secretary), Fr Emmanuel Mappilaparambil (Treasurer), Fr Thomas Aerathedathu (Member), Fr Roy Parayaniyil (Member) and Fr Roy. Societies Registration Act 1860 (Act XXI of 1860) under Joint Stock Companies: S-202: 26-08-2003: NGO Affairs Bureau, Office of the Prime Minister's: FDR-803: 13-02-1994, renewal up to 09-02-2020: Directorate of Family Planning: FP-53/95: 01-07-1995: Directorate of Youth Development: DYD-388: 11-07-2012: PADOR (Potential Applicant Data Online. A blog for Indian NGOs on NGO consultancy services, International funding agencies, Government funding & grants for NGOs and projects for NGOs etc.. Registered with the Department of Social Services, Ministry of Social Welfare, Govt. of Bangladesh, Registration No. Dha-02118, Date: 08/03/1988 Registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau, Office of the Prime Minister, Govt. of Bangladesh, Registration No. 2053, Date: 01/01/2006, Renewal: 01/01/201

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Civil Society Organizations (NGOs) have to register in e-Calls PADOR All organisations that apply for calls for proposals as applicants, co-applicants or affiliated entities have to be registered. No NGO Yes No Value based Political Religious Humanistic All affiliated entity(ies) .must encode the information below under their PADOR registration. See also Section 2.2 of the Guidelines for Applicants. Date of Registration Place of Registration Specify to which entity you are affiliated (applicant/co-applicant) detailing also the. Consultancy Services 10 International Registration Support: International Registration like PADOR, DUNS, N-Cage, SAM etc. Theme Based Fund Searching for NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh Project Proposal Writing for NGOs/INGOs in Bangladesh Fund Searching (General) Donor Application Form Fill-up NGO/INGO Profile Writing Translation Service: Bengali to.

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The home ministry wants a on-the-fingertip breakdown of how foreign funding shapes the NGO ecosystem in India. Credit: R New Delhi: Nearly two years after the Modi government decided to implement stricter checks on the flow and usage of foreign funds by NGOs in India, the home ministry's efforts to link the bank accounts of NGOs with a central government digital payment processing system. • extensive experience in work with both governmental (central and local) and NGO clients • experience in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, since 2001 PADOR registration Show more Show less. NGO Yes No Value based Political Religious Humanistic Neutral Is your organisation linked with another entity? (ies) .must encode the information below under their PADOR registration. See also Section 2.2 of the Guidelines for Applicants. Date of Registration Place of Registration Specify to which entity you are affiliated (applicant/co. Putting together an EC project proposal. This course is most suitable for people responsible for fundraising from the European Commission and proposal writing for the European Commission. Delivered in-house for your organisation. This course will teach you how to write a concept note that fits with EC objectives and what to include in a full. This Practical Guide explains the contracting procedures applying to all EU external actions financed from the EU general budget (the EU budget) and the European Development Fund (EDF). The financing of external actions is governed by the applicabl

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The Black Sea NGO Forum is an initiative launched back in 2008 by the Romanian NGDO Platform - FOND. The aim of the Forum is to increase the level of dialogue and cooperation among NGOs in the wider Black Sea Region, strengthening the NGOs capacity to influence regional and national policies and to increase the number and quality of regional partnerships and projects PADOR registration 4 amount might increase depending on current negotiations Some preliminary features of the next Call for Proposals The Call for Proposals, financed under the 10th European Development Fund ACP-EU Energy Facility, will have a total budget of 50 M EUR (the final ). As the previou Many translated example sentences containing data registration - French-English dictionary and search engine for French To help NGOs/civil society organisations and local authorities access 2007 une base de données pour l'enregistrement en ligne des demandeurs de subventions: PADOR (Potential Applicant Data On-line Registration. Visualizza il profilo di Silvia Z. su LinkedIn, la più grande comunità professionale al mondo. Silvia ha indicato 11 esperienze lavorative sul suo profilo. Guarda il profilo completo su LinkedIn e scopri i collegamenti di Silvia e le offerte di lavoro presso aziende simili