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  1. e the number of expansions necessary. At each expansion, 50-60ml of fluid is placed into the expander
  2. Generally, a person needs 50-100ccs more in an implant to get the same size in a tissue expander. So, if you like the size of your expander and you are filled to 300cc's, you will need at least a 350cc implant to get the same size. One thread I found really helpful when discussing size of implants was this one
  3. utes Expanded skin is a near-perfect match to surrounding skin in texture, color, and hair rati
  4. d I only tried the test on my right breast, since my left tissue expander is still a few ccs smaller
  5. Why Tissue Expanders Cause Pain . A tissue expander is usually put in during mastectomy surgery. The expander is inserted between the skin and chest muscle. The device is essentially a small pouch that will be expanded gradually over a period of weeks or months with saline injections through a fill port
  6. For many women, the thought of having to have expanders and get them filled regularly in preparation for breast implants is one of the scariest parts about recovering from breast cancer. Many worry about the pain of the injection and the tension on the skin following the expansion
  7. Pain with tissue expanders I seem to be having chronic pain from tissue expanders. I am almost 8 weeks out from initial B/L Mastectomy. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in my right breast. I opted to do bilateral because I never wanted to hear those words again. The pathology after surgery came back and I actual had bilateral breast cancer

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  1. After a mastectomy, many women need to have tissue expanders placed to gradually create a breast pocket that can accommodate an implant. Tissue expanders can be placed during your mastectomy or years after your surgery. If you have expanders placed, you will need to adjust your sleeping position temporarily to increase your comfort and ensure optimal results
  2. The tissue expander is either placed at the time of a mastectomy or any time later. The temporary implant is placed either below or above the pectoralis muscle. The expanders are usually partially filled at the time of the initial surgery. Further expansion is performed in the office until desired breast size is achieved. This expansion process.
  3. No. Tissue expanders can be used for single and double mastectomies. Any downsides to tissue expanders? Well, time for one. Because it's a longer procedure, there are more hospital visits, including the initial surgery, injections and another surgery to replace the tissue expanders. (That said, permanent implants aren't exactly permanent.
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A tissue expander is an inflatable breast implant designed to stretch the skin and muscle to make room for a permanent implant. They have a metal port on top (but still under your skin) that your doctor will use for fills. A fill is when that expander is injected with saline Tissue expansion is the process of gradually stretching the skin of your chest to make room for future reconstruction with an implant or your own tissue. Once the tissue has expanded adequately, I perform a second surgery to remove the tissue expander and replace it with a permanent breast implant Tissue expansion can be a beneficial surgical alternative for many pediatric and adult patients. At the surgeon's discretion, the use of a tissue expander may contribute to the benefit of the treatment. Nevertheless, tissue expansion is not appropriate for every patient, because it is a time and labo My fills were pretty uneventful with the exception of one, my third fill that filled my tissue expanders to their suggested fill volume. I did take some ibuprofen that night as I was a bit sore. Nothing extreme and easily controlled by the little bit of ibuprofen I took. I really feel the botox mentioned here greatly assisted in my expansion. Dr. Puya Davoodi from Northeast Georgia Plastic Surgery explains how breast tissue expanders work and illustrates what the filling process looks like!Dr. Dav..

Expansion Follows Mastectomy. Immediately after a patient's mastectomy, a reconstructive surgeon will evaluate the skin flaps and prepare to insert a tissue expander. Following placement of the expander, the patient will present for subsequent fills of saline until the breast has expanded to the patient's liking Many, but not all, plastic surgeons have stopped using textured implants and tissue expanders in recent years. If you're concerned about the risks linked to textured implants and tissue expanders, talk to your surgeon about your preference for smooth-surfaced expanders and implants After many different attempts at reconstructing a nose they decided to go for the tissue expansion in his head to then use the skin to go over a prosthetic. He has had a few fills since getting the initial surgery to have the tissue expander put in and this last one today was 30cc and left him in so much pain he's been crying and basically.

Tissue expansion is a common technique used for breast reconstruction. This essentially involves expansion of the breast skin and muscle using a temporary tissue expander. Three to four weeks after the mastectomy, a saline solution will be injected into the expander to gradually fill it So who knows how much breast tissue would have made the cup size. Basically, it looks like my tissue expanders will be going to about 420cc's when all is said and done. I am just going for a full C cup. That's all I really want. I liked my B, but it didn't fit some of the clothes I had. So my first fill was 25cc's

Tissue expanders have silicone outer shells and either an internal valve or external port to allow for saline fluid injections that stretch the skin over time. 3 . Your tissue expander should match the shape of the permanent breast implant that you are going to use. Both devices come in round, oval, and anatomical shapes, and can have smooth. Modern tissue expanders now have a fill valve built in to the expander. These fill valves have magnetic finders, which allow the reconstructive surgeon a way to find the valve for saline injections. A needle connected to a syringe of saline is inserted into the skin and through the fill valve into the expander to deliver the saline. Two months later, in May 2020, I was able to have my tissue expanders removed and replaced with breast implants. This was an outpatient surgery, and it lasted about four hours total. Tissue Expanders vs Implants. Recovery from tissue expander exchange surgery is A BREEZE compared to a mastectomy A tissue expander is a temporary device that is placed on the chest wall deep to the pectoralis major muscle. This may be done immediately following the mastectomy, or as a delayed procedure. The purpose of the expander is to create a soft pocket to contain the permanent implant. Tissue expanders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes I went with expanders and had saline fills injected for four straight weeks as my chest was gradually stretched (slightly bigger than I previously was) and readied for reconstruction. Delayed recon makes for a better cosmetic outcome. How many CCs? I had 460 CCs during the expansion phase and now have 500 CCs after reconstructive surgery

Een enorme keuze aan expanders. Profiteer nu en bestel tegen fabrieksprijzen! Wij bieden een enorme keuze aan expanders. Bestel nu tegen fabrieksprijzen The tissue expanders are filled with saline and they are hard. The shape fills the expander and does not look or feel like a breast. I tried on bras and tried to work out where I was in relation to the original girls, but nothing really convinced me either way. I was also having an issue with being called a cancer survivor EXPANDER FILLS: During the surgery my doctor filled my expanders with 100 ccs of BLUE saline so I'd have at least a little bump to go home with. And at my 3 week post op appointment I got my very first fill and visited my doctor weekly for fills until I got to my desired size. This was the most fascinating process EVER MENTOR ® ARTOURA ® Breast Tissue Expanders, available in smooth or SILTEX ® Textured Shell Surface, are designed with Dynamic Control Technology™ to help surgeons achieve a desirable expansion profile and a precise pocket for breast reconstruction patients. 1,2 The ARTOURA™ Breast Tissue Expander provides the surgeon with increased control of the breast pocket formation* and is. Tissue Expander Fill Today was the first of what will be many fills to my tissue expanders. If you're on my Facebook you know by my status this morning I was having a lot of anxiety in anticipation of this event! I'm still in a fair amount of pain with occasional severe shooting pains. Those shooting pains happen when the implants rub up.

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So that's the basic one, two, three of tissue expanders. Revisions, nipple reconstruction and tattooing of the areola are optional. When I tell people I've had 10 breast cancer surgeries they find it hard to believe, but after a lumpectomy, mastectomy, tissue expander, permanent implant and nipple reconstruction on just one breast, that's. I went weekly for fill-ups of anywhere from 50 to 80cc on each side. ?I was done with the fill procedures by the end of August. My PS likes to let the expanders sit for 3 to 4 months to allow the skin plenty of time to stretch before exchanging them for the permanent implants Tissue Expanders -- does it get better? I am now 3 1/2 weeks post-mastectomy, and still VERY uncomfortable. Now that most of the pain from the surgery has eased, I realize that it's the TEs causing me the most trouble. Sometimes they are actively painful, especially if that area is touched, even lightly such as by clothing. Mostly it's not quite pain, but ongoing discomfort

I had a bilateral skin sparing mastectomy on 2/5/09. I currently have in tissue expanders and had my 1st fill on 3/17/09. These expanders are so uncomfortable Tissue expanders are designed with a fill port in the front that can easily be accessed with a needle placed into the skin. Expansion of the expander takes only about a minute and the amount of saline per appointment is limited by the tightness of the patient's skin. Typically, approximately 50 cc's of saline are added to an expander (about. The tissue expanders will remain in place for a minimum of 8 weeks after completing the last tissue expansion. This will allow for the soft tissues (i.e. skin and muscle) to heal and recover from being stretched before the second surgery takes place for the exchange of the tissue expander for a permanent breast implant Posterior Flat Fill Valve Most CUI TM Tissue Expanders are supplied with a patented posterior flat fill valve for rapid filling at the time of surgery. The valve is also convenient for removing air from the expander during surgery.-10-A. INSERTING THE FILL TUBE INTO THE FILL VALVE 1. Gently insert the fill tube cannula into the valve by. CPX4 Breast Tissue Expander. Used in breast reconstruction, MENTOR ® CPX ® 4 Breast Tissue Expander, available in smooth or SILTEX ® Shell Surface, is designed to expand primarily in the lower pole of the breast, so the resulting pocket will accommodate the implant and slope like a natural looking breast. It also has an integrated.

TISSUE EXPANDER 102921-001 Rev C Effective April 2016 LAB100053182v3 DESCRIPTION The Tissue Expander is used in a variety of procedures to develop skin flaps for defect correction. The device consists of a silicone elastomer inflatable expander Fill slowly until the overlying tissue is expanded to the appropriate volume. Care must be taken. Material and methods: Tissue expanders and implants are now commonly used in breast reconstruction. Autologous reconstruction allows a better aesthetic result; however, many patients prefer implant reconstruction due to the shorter operation time and lack of donor site morbidity

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11 years ago. mariamaria2011 responded: yes i had an infection with my expander, it was from inside. After 5 days of iv antibotics they took me back to surgery to remove it. I have to wait at least 5 more wks to have it replaced, but i had staph and mrsa, maybe your can be treated with meds. LOVE AND PRAYERS MARIA The expander is now used with a silicone membrane in every case. The osmotic tissue expander has many advantages compared with the conventional expander: there is no need for painful external fillings and the risk of external infections is avoided. The expander is 10 percent of its final volume and only requires a short incision and a small pocket When the tissue expanders are first positioned on the chest wall, they are partially filled with saline. A few weeks after surgery, the expansion or fill'er ups (as I called them) are started. As you can see in the picture above, the expanders have a fill port that is built into the front

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Viewing before and after photos of tissue expander to implant breast reconstruction is a great resource when determining which procedure is best for you. The most common method of breast reconstruction currently performed in the US uses tissue expanders and breast implants, usually with an ADM (acellular dermal matrix) such as Alloderm Integra tissue expanders are available in single stage or multiple stage expanders. The two stage design allows for a lower profile expander to be easily placed beneath the skin and provides superior expansion volume. The Integra tissue expanders are available with a smooth surface or our patented enhanced surface. 3810 Fill Kit Includes. Breast Reconstructive Surgery in Dallas. If you're considering breast reconstructive surgery and would like to learn more about the AeroForm Tissue Expander, give the offices of Dr. Adams a call at (214) 965-9885. Dr. Adams is a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in reconstructive breast surgery

Spring Hill, FL. Best answers. 0. Oct 30, 2009. #1. Our Doctor removed tissue expanders from the breast and then inserted implants, I think the correct code is 19342-50. I would love to hear some imput, I guess it has been a long week and I'm still not quite used to coding. reconstructive breast procedures How To Relieve Pain From Tissue Expanders. Marnieclark.com DA: 15 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 86. After many different attempts at reconstructing a nose they decided to go for the tissue expansion in his head to then use the skin to go over a prosthetic; He has had a few fills since getting the initial surgery to have the tissue expander put in and this last one today was 30cc and left him in so much. Vol. 18 • Issue 24 • Page 9 Coding Corner. Pre- and postoperative diagnosis: Left peri-implant infection of the left breast Procedure: Incision, drainage and removal of tissue expander of the left breast Indications: The patient is a 38-year-old female who has undergone a left reconstruction with a tissue expander. She has a peri-implant infection and the expander requires removal Methodology Tissue expanders were matched to round breast implants. A precise match was defined as a breast implant that falls within a range of 0.5 cm smaller to 1.0 cm larger in base width and 1.5 cm smaller to 2.0 cm larger in projection of a tissue expander. The percentage of precise matches was calculated for each style of tissue expander

Showering: Following tissue expander breast reconstruction, you can shower after 48 hours. You can let your drains just dangle in the shower. After you shower, check your incisions and drain sites in front of a mirror in a well-lit room. If you notice redness, swelling, or new drainage from the incisions, or if you have a fever of 101 degrees. The ARTOURA ® Breast Tissue Expander is available in two projections 1,2,4 and can achieve a full profile with a range of fill volumes to be compatible with a range of MENTOR ® Breast Implants. 4. Please consult your physician to determine if ARTOURA ® Breast Tissue Expanders are right for you The DIEP flap technique is a method of autologous breast reconstruction, meaning your own tissue is used to reconstruct one or both of your breasts. This muscle-sparing technique offers women natural, long-lasting results without the use of breast implants. Less than 5% of surgeons in the United States perform this intricate procedure, and the board-certified reconstructive surgeons at The. A New Technology for Tissue Expansion. There is a new technology that your surgeon may offer you as an alternative to the traditional method of tissue expansion. It is the AeroForm tissue expander system, you use a remote-control device that communicates with expanders in your body through Bluetooth-like technology A silicone balloon expander is inserted beneath the skin. Once in place, the expander is gradually filled over time. When the tissue has grown to the desired amount, the expander is removed. In breast reconstruction, a permanent implant is then inserted. Example 3: Arm. Expansion is also used to repair skin on the head and neck, hands, arms and.

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Part 2 focuses on the use of tissue expanders in breast reconstruction. This is Part 2 of a 6-part series focusing on CPT coding of breast procedures. There are many different types of breast reconstruction procedures, each having potential stumbling-blocks for coders. This series will address several of the more confusing topics Initial tissue expander fill volume was similar (p=0.2). ASA III+, BMI, diabetes, and smoking status were added in a step-wise fashion as potential confounding variables in the model. The crude association between air versus saline fill on overall complication suggests a protective effect when the tissue expander is filled with air, OR=0.5 (p=0. In autologous tissue reconstruction, a piece of tissue containing skin, fat, blood vessels, and sometimes muscle is taken from elsewhere in a woman's body and used to rebuild the breast. This piece of tissue is called a flap. Different sites in the body can provide flaps for breast reconstruction. Flaps used for breast reconstruction most often come from the abdomen or back

addition, Tissue Expander Fill Kits, Delivery Assistance Sleeves, and other product accessories are available separately. For more information on specific styles and accessories, please contact your Hospital or Surgical Sales Representative, or the Customer Care Department a If it is done as two surgeries, in the first stage, a tissue expander is placed to stretch the tissues and make room for the implant. During the second stage, the tissue expander is replaced by an implant. The expander, and the final implant, can be placed under or on top of the chest wall muscle Some commonly billed procedure codes used in tissue expander cases utilizing DermaClose® Continuous External Tissue Expander. Approximate Conversions of ICD-9-CM Procedures to ICD-10-PCS Dermaclose reimbursement assistance: 800-946-9012 ext. 5 or email: reimbursement @dermaclose.co Breast tissue expander complications. A 53-year-old female asked: translucent rubbery balloons with a valve built into the wall that can been accessed through the skin with a needle to fill them with saline Read More. 6.2k views Answered >2 years ago. Thank. View 1 more answer

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have a breast reconstruction surgery using a tissue expander. A tissue expander is an empty breast implant that your surgeon will fill with normal saline over about 6 to 8 weeks until it reaches the breast size that you and your surgeon decided on. There are 2 ways to do this type of reconstruction: Submuscular placement: This is when your. This video talks about how a tissue expander is filled following breast reconstruction. The most common method of breast reconstruction following mastectomy used a tissue expander. The tissue expander holds the place of the skin and allows the skin to be expanded to hold the final soft breast implant. Many of my patients want to know how I can put in saline after the tissue expander is under. The Accuspan tissue expanders are the leading low profile easy installation tissue expander. With their uniquely designed shapes and sizes, they provide the smallest tissue expander available today. The Accuspan tissue expanders are the ideal tissue expander for use in small areas where minimal expansion is required and scar visibility is a. FOURTÉ™ Expander Fill System. • FOURTÉ™ fills tissue expanders 4X faster than a 21-gauge needle9,*,† Natrelle® 133 Tissue Expanders • 30 years of clinical experience10 *Clinical significance has not been established. † Methodology The FOURTÉ™ Expander Fill System and 21-gauge needle are attached to 60-cc syringes filled with. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) continues to review and assess breast implants available in the Australian market. In September 2019, the TGA decided to recall and suspend a number of breast implants and tissue expanders due to a small risk of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma

When I went back into hospital for the expander to be replaced with the implant I think I was more nervous than the actual mx, but all went well and I was only in hospital 2 days and my recovery time was about 3 weeks. I started back to work very soon after. I hope your op goes okay. 27-08-2012 06:12. 27-08-2012 06:12 My right tissue expander is painfully infected and they both need to come out in emergency surgery. I'm so bummed. All of those expensive Uber trips to and from the doctor's office to get them filled, and all of that discomfort, only to have them deflated and removed abruptly I had a bilateral 2 yrs ago and tissue expanders and expansion does hurt a lot. See if you can take tylenol instead. I wouldn't overdo it on the exercises just yet be patient. Take your time with the expanders and remember it's your body and you are the one who has to deal with the difficult experience and decision making process

Here are some pics of my crazy boobs now. The whole process of boobs, cancerous boob, no boobs, small boobs to big boobs is truly amazing. Since my mastectomy on January 3rd, I have been inflated 500 ccs on the left and 540 ccs on the right. The expanders were put in wide because of my need for radiation through the middle of my chest Two types of expanders are available. In one type, the surgeon injects a salt-water solution through a tiny valve under the skin at regular intervals (every 1, 2, or 3 weeks) to fill the expander over several months. In the other type, the expander uses compressed carbon dioxide gas. The patient uses a remote control to release small amounts of.

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The AeroForm tissue expander is filled with air and there is no need for a needle. The patient has some control over how slowly to expand the device at home. The device was approved based on the results of a clinical trial of 99 patients using the AeroForm expander and 52 patients using the saline expander Breast Tissue Expanders. Eileen, Actual Sientra Patient. See State-of-the-Art Breast Tissue Expander Options Designed for Comfort and Compassion. Soft, Refined Design Allows for Gentle and More Comfortable Expansion. Soft, pliable shell results in less friction upon insertion. Designed without ridges or rings for improved comfort The more common name for vaginal expanders is vaginal dilators. Healthcare professionals commonly prescribe vaginal dilators to help stretch and lengthen your vagina. For many different reasons (physiological and psychological), your vaginal tissue has become tight and sore or constricts uncontrollably before, during, or after intercourse First Tissue Expander Fill. I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon to get my first fill.' This is a process that will go on for about a year - every three weeks or so, he will inject the tissue expander under my mastectomy site with saline. This will stretch the skin and muscle enough to allow for an implant

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described above, under NATRELLE® 133 Tissue Expanders. All NATRELLE® 133 Tissue Expanders with the MAGNA-SITE ® integrated injection port are supplied with a sterile MAGNA-FINDER ® Xact external locating device and a 21G Needle Infusion Set. In addition, Tissue Expander Fill Kits, BIOCELL ® Deliver There are different types of tissue expanders. The traditional tissue expander has a port in it that allows your surgeon to inject saline (salt water) into the expander, filling it up over a period of time (between 2 to 6 months) and gradually stretching the skin. This process requires repeated visits to your surgeon to fill it The tissue expander volume filled (cc) could be predicted by 5 × surface area of AlloDerm (cm 2) − 12 (R 2 = 0.62) and 80 × height of AlloDerm (cm) − 15 (R 2 = 0.59). The tissue expanders could be filled to an average of 75% of total size and required three to four injections in the postoperative period to reach full expansion When expansion is complete, a new surgical procedure is performed to remove the expander and insert a breast implant or the patient's own tissue. There are some risks in using tissue expanders

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Tissue expansion has become a major reconstructive modality over the past 30 years. It has become more and more widespread, particularly in the fields of breast reconstruction, burn surgery, and pediatric plastic surgery. [1, 2] In many cases, tissue expansion can be said to have revolutionized plastic surgery After 5 months of tissue expansion, the tissue expanders were exchanged for a left 480cc ultra high profile smooth Mentor silicone implant with a periareolar mastopexy and a right high profile smooth Mentor silicone implant 450cc with Nipple Areola reconstruction with a skin graft and fat grafting fat grafting to help normalize the upper pole. The tissue expander is then re-inflated 2 weeks after radiation is complete. A delayed reconstruction is planned with your surgeon. Not all surgeons will recommend this option because there is an increased risk of complications by having a tissue expander in place during radiation treatment

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Tissue expander injection port A device designed for subcutaneous implantation and intended to be used temporarily to expand an implanted tissue expander by percutaneous injection of air or fluids (e.g., saline) typically over multiple expansion sessions A tissue expander is a type of implant that is gradually expanded using salt water (saline) to stretch the skin. A tissue expander can be temporary or permanent. You can find out more about tissue expander implants further down the page. Immediate implant reconstruction . For this operation, your surgeon removes the breast tissue (mastectomy. Expanders create a space by stretching the tissue and preparing your skin to accommodate the implant at the time of exchange. During your breast reconstruction procedure, your surgeon will insert a tissue expander with a port and gradually fill it with sterile saline fluid over several months(not beyond six months)