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Ginrin koi Goshiki Hi Utsuri Kohaku Kujyaku MIX Varieties Tosai koi High quality 24K golden Aragoke Chagoi Full Dragon scale size 30cm . 1,000.00. Imported indo koi High quality Showa , Tancho showa ,red hi utsuri size 13-15 inch . 0.00 Chagoi can also occur in a ginrin (jin'-rin or geen'-leen) scalation. This occurs when proteins inside the scale (under the epidermis) are thrown up in folds, refracting light and giving the scales a diamond shimmer. There's nothing quite as nice as a Rootbeer Chagoi with ginrin in its scales. Ahhhh

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  1. Imported Indonesia Koi HQ Ginrin 18k Gold Aragoke Chagoi Dragon Scale Size 8-9. Shipped with FedEx Standard Overnight
  2. Ginrin koi Goshiki Hi Utsuri Kohaku Kujyaku MIX Varieties Tosai koi Chagoi Dragon scale Goromo Kabuto Showa Tancho koi Shop All indonesia koi list High quality 24K golden Aragoke Chagoi Full Dragon scale size 30cm . 1,000.00. Add To Cart. Powered by Squarespace..
  3. Aragoke is available with a ginrin scaling and a non-ginrin scaling. Aragoke are mostly monochrome Koi (an exception can be e.g. an Aragoke Ochiba Shigure / Ochiba Shigure is a cross between a monochrome gray Soragoi and a brown Chagoi, which creates a 2-colored Koi), but they appear in a wide variety of colors
  4. Sub varieties of Ginrin; Ginrin can be divided technically into four sub varieties.In Beta-Gin the whole surface of the scale is reflective, while Kado-Gin describes scales where only the leading edge carries this pigment.The latest type to appear - Diamond, or Hiroshima, Ginrin - originated in 1969 on the Konishi Koi farm in southern Japan. Here, the reflective element radiates out from the.
  5. 9588 Ginrin Aragoke Chagoi; 9618 Ginrin Aragoke Chagoi; 9639 Ginrin Aragoke Chagoi; 9648 Ginrin Aragoke Midorigoi; 9663 Ginrin Aragoke Chagoi; 9747 Ginrin Aragoke Chagoi; 9766 Ginrin Aragoke Tembaga Chagoi; 9825 Ginrin Aragoke Chagoi; 9863 Ginrin Aragoke Midorigoi; 9709 Ginrin Aragoke Chagoi; Koi 30 - 40 cm Teil 2. 4566 Doitsu Sanke; 4644.

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Chagoi are solid brown or copper-colored koi. The color of Chagoi can range anywhere from a very light brown, to a dark, almost greenish-brown, to a dark copper color, similar to that of a US penny. Show More Information Because Chagoi are so closely related to their wild carp ancestors, they can grow to be very large in size, with full-grown Chagoi commonly reaching over 30 inches in length Driving 20 km (12.5 miles) north from Ojiya city, the main area of koi breeding, you will find Teradomari Koi Farm. Mr. Kiichi Hoshino, the owner of the farm, is an excellent breeder with more than 31 years of experience. His Ginrin Kohaku is especially famous. With three koi (pictured in this article), he won Best in Variety at the All. IKAN KOI CHAGOI ARAGOKE GINRIN UK 33cm 700rbChanel ini adalah bagian dari Agro Koi Farm tempat penjualan ikan koi berbagai jenis. Untuk pemesanan silahkan ku.. IKAN KOI CHAGOI ARAGOKE GINRIN UK 33 cm HARGA 700 rbUntuk pemesanan dan konsultasi Koi silahkan hubungi kami, klik disini http://bit.ly/HubungicsAgroKoiy

ikan koi chagoi midori aragoke ginrin/siisk naga. Rp1.500.000. Medan lim aquatic. Sisa 3. Ikan Koi jenis Chagoi tembaga / Rumah Koi Jakarta / kode 009. Rp134.000. Jakarta Barat Rumah Koi Jakarta. 4.8 Terjual 12. Ikan Koi Blitar Chagoi Slayer/ Graha Koi C23. Rp225.000. Kab. Sleman graha koi. 5.0 Terjual 2. Ikan Koi Chagoi 20cm Koi Penjinak. Rp30. Hier finden Sie die Originalen Aragoke Chagoi der Samurai Koi Farm . Wir sind einer von 5 Händlern in ganz Europa die euch diese Wunderbaren Koi anbieten dürfen Harga: Ikan koi blitar chagoi ginrin blink blink goldRp450.000: Harga: koi chagoi tembaga 18-22cmRp120.000: Harga: Ikan koi blitar jenis chagoi penjinakRp150.000: Harga: Ikan koi Chagoi(Baca deskripsi)Rp35.000: Harga: ikan koi CHAGOI ARAGOKE sisik nagaRp60.000: Harga: Ikanesia Koi Cagoi Chagoi Tembaga (strong colour) 30 - 32 cmRp500.00 The Farm. The FFP farm is located in Milford, NJ and is where we house our koi, Evolution Aqua and Bermuda products, and our construction equipment. Our koi at the farm are available for purchase for both wholesale and retail customers. We have three state of the art greenhouses dedicated to our imported Japanese Koi and aquatic plants Chagoi Koi For Sale Japanese Bloodline approx 20cm. Hi, i'm available on saturday 9am - 4pm or sunday 9am -3pm here's a lovely clean chocolate coloured chagoi. very friendly, comes up to take pellets from your hand. Details: hirasawa, chagoi, japanese, bloodline, approx, breeder, nice, cmmr, started, fifties. Bournemouth

Kodama Koi Farm is the premier destination for quality Japanese koi for sale.We are the largest importer of Koi in North America. We specialize in raising champion koi!. P.O. Box 893086, Mililani HI 9678 Soragoi, similar to Chagoi, are koi of a solid grey or silver color, combined with a subtle net pattern. Also like Chagoi, mature Soragoi are very docile and will be among the first koi in your pond to learn to hand feed. Variations of Soragoi include Gin Rin Soragoi and Doitsu Soragoi

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Ochiba Shigure, commonly referred to as Ochiba, combine the brown/bronze of Chagoi with the silver/grey of Soragoi. The name Ochiba Shigure translates as autumn leaves falling on water, a reference to the silver and bronze pattern. Variations of Ochiba include Gin Rin Ochiba and Doitsu Ochiba 6025 Ginrin Chagoi/Midorigoi/Karashi. Diese Fische sind eine Zucht aus der Damaidia Blutlinie von Yusuf (Samudra Koifarm). Diese Blutlinie zeichnet sich in vielen Punkten aus, sie hat für uns in der Kawarimono Gruppe einen ganz besonderen Stellenwert: Damaidia ist eine alte indonesische Zuchtform, die viele halbmetallic Karwarimono hervorbringt

Variété Ginrin Aragoke Karashigoi. Variété Ginrin Aragoke Chagoi . 150,00. May 2, 2021 - Explore Gail Garrett's board rare koi on Pinterest. See more ideas about koi, koi fish, koi carp Aragoke gibt es mit einer Ginrin Beschuppung und einer Non-Ginrin Beschuppung. Aragoke sind meist einfarbige Koi (eine Ausnahme kann z. B. ein Aragoke Ochiba Shigure bilden / Ochiba Shigure ist eine Kreuzung aus einem einfarbig grauen Soragoi und einem braunen Chagoi, wodurch ein 2-farbiger Koi entsteht), die jedoch in den verschiedensten.

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