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Nutrition and Education – Three Secrets for a Lifetime of Success!

To begin, I want to share with you an interesting and inspirational fact about my children. One is twenty, the other is twenty-one. And if you asked them what their favorite foods were, you’d get the exact same answer that they gave in high school. Can you guess? They would say salads are their favorite food! It’s quite remarkable, don’t you think. This is so unusual and interesting because you are not likely to get the same answer from their friends. They love local, fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. They love eggs from the local farm. They eat fresh, organic food and very few canned, canned or packaged foods. This way of eating might seem expensive, especially during times of recession. Let’s get to the bottom of it. You might be shocked at how much your perception will change when you hear some really cool facts.

Because little children naturally want to move and play, we homeschooled them for many years. This felt more natural than having them sit still, stop squirming or pay attention to their minds. Academics can only be learned at a desk in a stale classroom with no fresh air, and for hours each day. It’s not possible to judge, only observe and share your opinions. They enrolled in the public school system, where they remained until graduation. They noticed a difference in their study habits and mid-afternoon energy levels. Their love of learning was also affected by the foods and drinks they received in the cafeteria and vending machine.

No one is better equipped to explain the relationship between nutrition and education than our children. Listen to your children and take the time to learn. It’s easy to allow your children to help you in these areas. You may be reading this with your children in high school, middle school, or older. However, it is possible to make adjustments if they aren’t feeling their best. This will only be a bit more difficult and you need to be patient with your children while their body adjusts slowly to healthier choices. It is important for the mind and body to be able to see food as medicine, but also as food.

You know all about healthy eating, the link between nutrition and focus and how it affects your brain. You have read numerous articles, books, and magazines that discuss how schools are giving your kids nutritionally deficient foods, which are often high in sugars, hidden fats and chemicals. They may be more overweight and sedentary than they used to be because they spend so much time in front of their electronics than outside. Let’s look at these secrets! They all share one thing in their common: they appeal to our senses. This makes it easy for us to eat right nearly all of the time.

Secret Number 1: Stock your fridge and cabinets with healthy stuff

Make sure the fridge is stocked with color so that when your family opens the door, everyone will be thrilled! It’s tempting to see a bowl full of apples, lemons, and other berries. You can grab a small bowl of water, cut carrots, and celery sticks to satisfy your immediate hunger pangs. A healthy snack of laughing cow cheeses and baby bells is quick and easy to make. A quick and nutritious gift idea for your family is to make chicken fingers. I’m working on many quick and easy healthy meals that you can prepare once a fortnight.

For a quick snack, fill a tray with nuts and dried fruit.

When it comes to drinks, the majority is currently in water crises. We are so lucky and blessed to have the ability to turn on our water taps and get pure water. It is the most thirst quenching fluid you can drink and is far and away our favorite drink. A little juice is made by combining one quarter grapefruit, grapefruit or pommegranete with three quarters of water. It can be eaten with a salad, or by itself. Each member of the family should have a small, eco-friendly, reusable water bottle. Fill it up with cool water and store it in the refrigerator. Children love water bottles. I’m planning to write an article on water and the amazing benefits it offers.